An Updated Current Game Development Roadmap

Hi everyone ^_^
It has been a while since I laid out the major things I want to add into the game next. Things have been a little slow/distracted lately, so I wanted to go back over the plans, adding in any new additions I've made to the list. Smaller elements aren't always added to the roadmap, such as commissions and polled content, so if your curious about something just ask. Other than that, I hope you're all hyped for what is to come.
Impregnating NPCs + Balls/Sperm (Currently Ongoing) - I've basically  finished the Pregnancy content for female characters (except for  pregnancy scenes with specific NPC's, the training for the prenatal  training skill, and the pregnancy job mentioned later). This set up will  be about providing similar options to male characters, so they can  impregnate female NPC's. I also hope to put more effort into keeping  track of how much cum male player’s have in their balls, a bit like the  lactation system, offering payment for sperm milking, and factoring the  amount of cum involved into the impregnation system.
Degradationist Brothel Job (Scenes) - Another piece of  content that I left mostly unfinished, I want to circle back to the  Degradationist Brothel to add more job encounters to it. Hopefully I’ll  end up with 5+ encounter on each of the two branches, with potentially  in the future additional choices being offered to the player about which  sections to work in within the regular Degradationist Brothel job  section.
Fem/Sissy Trainer (Stage 2) - Something else that’s been  long awaited, there’s a lot to do here. I want to have it so that  players who want a slow-burn sissy experience can get that from her,  whilst players who want an increasingly ramped-up slow-burn feminization  experience can also get that. The intention is to slowly push the  player towards a branching choice, where sissy players will have  to choose between a ‘slut sissy’ path and a ‘good-girl sissy’ path.  Meanwhile, the feminization path players will choose between a  ‘bimbo’ path and a ‘housewife’ path (with potentially a slut path also  being planned for this tier).
-> Build 0.5 (This is the point where we'll officially transition over to the 0.5 build titles to indicate the major update in game-play/content)
Apartment Update - The players home has long been an important focus of the game. Between adding new roommates/slaves to it more recently, all the way back to the importance of collecting furniture to help upgrade your character (or offer alternative options). The main aim of this major change is to add significantly expensive upgrades for players to work towards purchasing in the 'end-game'. Players will be able to buy new rooms for their apartment, furnishing them with all new upgrades, and decorating them to their tastes. The apartment update will have modular images that show what the room looks like, so you get a more immersive experience. There will also be a furniture store added to cater to the new upgrades, rooms, and furniture.
Punishment System Overhaul - You can see some of my  ideas for this in Alice’s Experimentation Lab (and the Chess Man content), but I want to make the main facility punishment system more  interesting and dynamic. Currently, it’s not only hard to get complaints against you as a character, but when you do it just eventually leads to a list of bad endings. I want the complaints to cause more issues, so  that every so many complaints (with the bad endings happening at a higher complaint level than currently), players will face a punishment. These punishments will be tied to fetish’s you have active in your  game, and will include things from; money reductions, large-scale TF’s, forcing you to work certain jobs, negative traits (like bimbo/sex addiction/cum addiction), etc. I think it’ll just be a neat addition for players who want to act rebellious in-character, but out of character  want to see their character get punished.
Pet-Play & ABDL Trainer Expansion - Since they were first added, I've long felt that there were significant areas of improvement for the Trainer content (which is partly why I've been delaying working on them). My main aim for these overhauls is to add in far more in-between tiers and set interactions, which in turn will make the Trainer content feel like it has more of a structured progression within it. Further, I want to more specifically add in an additional Trainer to both the Pet-Play and ABDL Trainer content, who will become available to swap over to mid-way through the Training, and who will offer an alternative take on the fetish. This means for the Pet-Play Trainer the female Trainer will offer a less hard-core but more sexual pet experience, whilst the ABDL male Trainer alternative will offer a Daddy-Dom experience where he treats the player more as a little than a full-on adult baby (but also will be more sexual).
Custom Slaves/Submissives - This is something that might have to come earlier in the development list, as it's highly tied to the Apartment Update. With the addition of a slave dungeon in your apartment, players will be able to enslave and train randomly generated NPC's, either keeping them as a regular source of income (by making them work), keeping them as a pet/maid (so doing chores in your apartment), or selling them off for big monetary gains. It's also worth noting that keeping slaves will be expensive (at least if they aren't working), so it'll be a tough yet profitable option for dominant players.
Pregnancy Job (Framework, Scenes) – A pregnancy-focused  job is also planned, with separate sub-sections for players who are;  already pregnant, female (fertile) and not pregnant, or male (virile).  The first option in the job is focussed on already pregnant female  characters will be a pregnancy focused brothel. The second option in the  job focussed on fertile female characters will be about becoming a  surrogate (and getting lots of risky creampies). The third option in the  job will be about being a breeding stud and sperm donator.
Mistress Sarah Submissive Path (Fem-Dom content -  Includes chastity expansion) – Something polled a long time ago was for  content featuring Mistress Sarah where the player could become her  submissive. This will require the player to visit her multiple times and  face multiple challenges to get her favour, followed by regular visits  to keep her happy with them. In return, Mistress Sarah will give them a  small stipend to support themselves within the facility. There will also  be (optional - as I intend to put in a related fetish tag) chastity  content attached to her putting you in chastity, so I’ll need to finish  up more of the chastity system at this point too.
Hunger/Thirst - I've wanted to put in more life sim  options for a long while, and this is one of them. I might do it earlier  in the list, not sure yet, but it’ll be pretty basic (and is already  partially integrated with the weight system). It’ll be optional, so  players can disable it if they want to, it’ll also be automate-able, so  players can have their character automatically consume set meals and it doesn’t disrupt play. It just offers more opportunities to TF the  player, and gives them something else to juggle with (and spend money  on). Running out of hunger/thirst won’t kill the player or anything,  there just will be a scene of them being fed by a robot, likely with  negative consequences (like random TF’s or a GGP reduction).
Milky's Diner (Sandbox Location, Job) – Another piece of  content that was polled a long time ago, Milky’s Diner is the location  of Tilly’s first date with the player. This will be added to the sandbox  as a location players can go to get various meals and drinks (some with  a lactation focus for players with that content in their game). But,  after a second poll there will now also be a job working as a Milky’s  waitress, and all the hijinks that involves.
Slave/Submissive Trainer (Male & Female options) -  Last, but not least, the Slave/Submissive Trainer, which was the dual  winner of the 3rd Anniversary patron poll (tying with Jess’s quest).  Players will get to choose between a male and a female trainer, who will  make them more submissive and obedient. Players will eventually be  given the option to either be trained as a slave or just a general  submissive.
And ... that's the list for now. The big new additions to the plans are the apartment system, custom slaves/submissive's, and the expansion of the Trainer content. These elements have been added as I've wanted to offer more replay-able and long-term content to the game, giving the player a greater sense of the game world reacting to them and their progression throughout their stay.

Hope that sounds fun to you all, and happy gaming ^_^