PWS Progress Update - June

Hey everyone! As mentioned previously, PussPuss is helping us out with Pony Waifu Sim. With Hearthswarming Heat finished (aside from potentially adding in a few new localizations when we receive them), we're back to work on Pony Waifu Sim.

Many of you told us how much you want to see more of it, so we're excited to show you what we have planned. The photo above is a sneak peak, nothing better than some vine-dining with your waifu, amirite? 😉

Website Migration Update

The backend website migration is going smoothly. There's still a bit left to do, but the most difficult part is over. Scion had to wrangle a few unruly web-apps, but all of our internal tools have been migrated and are working smoothly. The new architecture we have setup enables us to much more easily spin-up tools and applications which we can use to collaborate with. Everything is backed up, too, so we can easily re-deploy in case of a disaster.

Coming up, we still need to migrate the frontend of the website and with (or soon after) that is going to come a website refresh. The refresh will make it much easier to see all of StudioWhy's projects and download the latest versions!