073 - You Better Believe It!

Well, I guess not really a surprise since last week I said that release is planned for next Monday (today). But knowing how often things tend to NOT go as planned I've got to say I am genuinely surprised (and very happy) to actually be able to release the episode today :)

To another one of my famous and (now un-ironically) super family friendly Monday Posts! Throughout this one I plan to spam you with random (and approved by the morality police) pics from my camera, I hope you don't mind :)

latest episode is out (for the patrons). As usual you guys will have one week to test the build and report the bugs or typos, and if everything goes well public release should happen next Monday!

Not all heroes wear capes.
So the thing is I was pretty sure that I won't be able to release Episode 07 today because there were a few complications (as always) and I only managed to send the texts to Lyk (patreon.com/Lyk) for proofreading on Sunday (yesterday). And yet here we are :) The madman managed to proofread the entire thing in one day. All praise Lyk. OTL.

So, yeah, I've began last week by testing the new episode and adding music to the events. I was testing the events out of order and I am glad I did so, because there was a CG in one of the final events that I thought was OK at the time of working on it, but after seeing it in the game I sort of started to hate it... 

I don't know how it happened,
maybe I was feeling sick when I was drawing it or something, but the final version looked weak and uninspired. And it was the final CG of the Episode. The most import one basically. I knew I could do better so I decided to do just that. I've spent 4 working days to redraw the thing from scratch and now the voices in my head are finally pleased :) You will see the new version in the game and I will probably share the original (now unused) version via a patrons-only post few weeks later :)

The work.
So, it's been 6 weeks since Ep.6's public release. (7 weeks since the patrons-only release). So pretty much a month and a half. I am not worried though. These has been some crazy few weeks for me between getting sick, feeling sick and going to the doctors and getting all sorts of tests done. And I also had to redraw from scratch a completely finished CG. If not for all that this episode would have taken me 4 to 5 weeks tops, which is pretty much the result I am aiming for, so it's all good. The system is working and I am happy :)

And that's it, I think...
I don't have much else to report. My health is back to normal, more or less. I plan to spend next week getting some work done on Episode 08 already, so it's all good ^_^

Oh and I will be taking an IELTS test soon (English proficiency test). It's been 10+ years since I took it last time. My score back then was 6.5 points. Let's hope this time I will manage to score 7.0 at least. Wish me luck.

That's it.
Go download the game and give the new Episode a go. I hope you'll like it. See you next Monday :)