072 - Back to normal. (Well, sort of).

Hello, bros!
This is me - AKABUR! And you are reading another Monday Post! Yes, I am still around! Pretty amazing, right? Yes, so amazing... ... ... I imagine the Guinness World Records people will be knocking on my door any moment now.

La Blue Girl.
First of all, how do you like these quick pencil drawings? I dug them up from my "old scans" folder. I did these while I was still streaming and also doing that weird thing where I would make a video of me making a 15 minute (I think it was 15) drawing every day for a month. I wonder if anyone still remembers that I did that :) In the long run it was a terrible idea because between looking for references, setting up the camera, editing and uploading the video it usually took almost entire first half of my working day every day. But it was fun ^_^

My health.
So, yeah, I am actually not 100% back yet. I am felling good enough to work, but still can't really work as many hours a day as I wish I could. Basically there is no way I could have a finished episode today, but to make up for that, how about I do a really stupid thing and give you my thoughts on when I actually hoping to release it? Are you ready? So, if all goes well Episode 07 will be out next Monday. There you go, (now I jinxed it and it's definitely not going to happen :)

I miss streaming.
That's just something I realized going through that "old scans" folder... I miss streaming and ending up just chilling in the chat with you guys instead of getting any work done :) Honestly, those were some good times for me. I need to figure out a way to bring that back...

New Profile Pic.
I am genuinely surprised by the number of people who yelled "new profile pic" at me in the comments. (In case you didn't notice it was a "toxic" bear before but now it's a Mr. Positivity bear. (Don't worry inside I am still the same though) ^_^ It wasn't just the profile pic too, I also reworked my Patreon front page. And plan to keep my Monday Posts completely devoid of edgy jokes and half-naked babes for a while. Basically it will be Family Friendliness X 100. Yes, it's boring I know, but I need to keep it like that for the time being. Anyway, all this ties in into something else that I don't want to talk about just yet, but will when the time is right. :)

No Worries.
The subject matter of my work will not change. I just need to put on this "SFW" mask a little tighter for now just in case. Episode 07 is coming soon and it's going to be glorious, and I already have something exciting planned for Episode 08, so it's business as usual here in the cave. Had to slow down for a bit because of the health crap, but for now I am almost 100% back to normal, so it's all good, bros. ^^

The work.
It's been 5 weeks since Ep.6's public release. (6 weeks since the patrons-only release). Still counting to keep myself in check. Episode 07 is coming soon.

That's it.
I better get to work now. Thank you for your love, support and trust. See you next Monday. <3