Big move tomorrow + art updates

Hey fluffies, just wanted to let y'all know I'm probably gonna be a bit quiet on the art front, and update front for possibly the next few weeks. Moving to a new place tomorrow (still going through and packing even now) and then my CDL classes start on the 8th, and those will eat up a lot of my time.

So dont worry if I become pretty quiet for the month or two! I'm perfectly ok, just STUPIDLY busy lol

However, I do have plans for at LEAST one piece of art sometime in July. Maybe two if I can manage the funds. 

But, after the classes are finished, and based on whether or not I've passed them (it is a possibility after all) I'll hopefully have a really good paying job, which means plenty more art! I wanna aim for at least 4 pictures a month, maybe more once the paychecks start rolling in lol I also have some pretty big projects I wanna start, like an ongoing comic, some big pieces with SherriMayim again (she has some fantastic ideas we wanna get done) and maybe even some more animations. =3

So yeah! Quick little update for everyone! And also! A MASSIVE HUGE ULTRA SUPER BIG HUG for all the new watchers I've been getting recently on my IB and FA! You all are amazing, wonderful, sweet, and I love every single one of you, new watchers or old! Even more so to the people who have pledged to me! You guys and gals are awesome, and I'm honestly blown away by how big of an interest y'all have taken in my characters and ideas, you have no idea how much it all means to me <3