Another Progress Report (Almost there...)

Hello again!

This should (hopefully) be the last progress report before 0.4 is ready for release. I was aiming to have it ready for this weekend, but when adding the map of Elis this week, I decided to add it via a new external xml file framework, which then led into several other aspects of the game's code needing to have external xml support as well (place types, encounters, and dialogue nodes). Although it cost me most of this week to get this implemented, these new frameworks will allow me to add modding support for new content in v0.4.1 (with just modded NPCs left as a requirement before that can be added).

Next week

Now that I've got the map of Elis (and the new framework) added, all that's left for me to do is to get some writing finished and some new scenes added. I'm hoping that will take me no more than 3-4 days, but as ever with development something unexpected might crop up and set me back a little. Regardless of whether that turns out to be the case or not, I'll make the next post no later than Friday night.

Thank you all once again for your support, and it really won't be long now until 0.4 is released!