Hellooo! I want to keep creating games but I need support to do it. So, if you like my games and want more, please pledge if you can. The more support I can gain, the more work I can put into games for you to enjoy instead of putting hours into my part-time jobs. Thank you so much!

Right now my primary focus is a Ren'Py visual novel game called "Healslut" where you are fully immersed in a virtual fantasy world as a very particular class of healer. How will you deal with being a hottie restricted to the most trivial armor while stuck in a role expected to tend the needs of the others in your group? (This is not a kinetic VN, your choices will have consequences for both the story and characters.)

You can read more information and download the latest public version of "Healslut" here: https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=2033

Please feel free to join the Discord channel: ​https://discord.gg/sGhySsagkh

 My other erotic adult games include:

 Fanucci's Amazing Pizza!
Experience a lighthearted (and sexy!) romp in world where everyone has high ethics and empathy! You can sit back and enjoy the story (and smut) without being on your guard. You are Alex, a recent high school graduate delivering pizza for the summer – but of course, strange things happen! Just how will you deal with an automated delivery machine that transforms you into what the customer desires, including a complete hot young sexpot?

No Money Down Blues
You are Matt Mason: a nearly thirty year old supermarket clerk. You're overweight, directionless, and still a virgin.... and your life seems to be going downhill from there.
But now a strangely fortuitous meeting with an old high-school acquaintance seems to be guiding your life down an entirely different path...

Just an Adventure Through Time and Space
Your own personal 'fairy' makes a visit with the intent to succeed at a task where all others have failed: get you laid. Unfortunately, her wonky wand leaves you struggling to keep your sanity and morality as you adventure back towards home across space and time.