Version Release

Hello again!

This is the first public update which integrates Irbynx's combat PR, and as such, you will notice several changes in combat, as well as with NPCs' stats and perk trees. (More information in the patch notes below, and from my blog post about v0.3.3.6.)

I know combat isn't the main focus of the game, but it was getting to the point where it was impossible to balance, and I'd therefore never be able to offer players a challenge without making these changes. Clothing enchantments and permanent potion attributes were nerfed and removed, respectively, for the same reason - with practically unlimited upgrades on clothing/potions, it was impossible to even consider balancing combat.

While this update will now allow me to balance combat numbers and boss fights, I haven't had time to work my way through all of that yet (as all my time was spent on just implementing this new system), so the damage numbers are likely to be quite high. I'll get that addressed for the next update, and will also improve the difficulty settings soon.

As a lot of combat-related content was changed, there might be some issues/bugs. If there are any really serious ones, I'll try to get a hotfix out as soon as I can.

So long as there aren't any delays caused by a hotfix, I should have the next preview version, v0.3.3.10, out in one week's time (Friday 21st June), with the full version of v0.3.4 out the Friday after that (28th June). As all of these combat updates are now done (with just balancing of numbers left to do) I plan on focusing on content for the next update.

You can find my blog post about this here:

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Version Patch Notes

All characters (including yours) have had their perk trees reset/regenerated, due to new perks being added and the perk tree layout slightly changed.
Added 'enchantment stability' attribute, which determines how many points of modified attributes you're able to handle from your clothes or tattoos without incurring a penalty.
'Enchantment stability' starts at 10, and is increased by 1 per level, and can also be increased via new perks.
Rose briefly warns you about this enchantment stability in the final scene of the prologue.
Clothing, weapon, and tattoo enchantment limits have been increased to 100.
Added 'convincing requests' perk: Requests during sex are no longer denied by sadists or rough dominants.
Added 'object of desire' perk: All partners in sex require +1 orgasm before being satisfied.
Added 'arcane smith' perk: Halves arcane essence cost of enchanting weapons.
You can now enchant 'Angel's Nectar' into 'Angel's Purity', which allows you to permanently remove corruption.

Fixed appearance stating that slimes could fly. (PR#1165 by Stadler76)
Fixed issue where unicorn 'horns per row' were only being set if the character already had horns. (PR#1160 by Stadler76)
Fixed bug when randomly-spawned incubi in the dark alleyways would throw a background error when using some attacks. (PR#1172 by TheKingInYellow)
Fixed bug where if there were multiple horn types in the enchantment UI, clicking on each type would give a randomised horn type, instead of the selected one. (PR#1175 by Stadler76)

Norin's clothing contributions:
Added: 6 new hair accessory items: bobby pins; celtic barrette; dragonfly bobby pin; hair pins; scrunchie; hair sticks. (All in hair slot, sold by Nyan.)
Added: 4 new rose-themed piercing items: rose earrings; rose lip piercing; rose navel piercing; rose nose piercing. (In related piercing slots, sold by Kate.)
Added: 4 new sunflower-themed piercing items: sunflower earrings; sunflower lip piercing; sunflower navel piercing; sunflower nose piercing. (In related piercing slots, sold by Kate.)
Added: 8 new other piercing items: heart-shaped barbell; bat earrings; flower lip piercing; chained nipple rings; nipple rings; pentagram piercing; 'SEX' barbell; vertical hood piercing. (In related piercing slots, sold by Kate.)

DSG's clothing contributions:
Added: Men's leather jacket. (Over-torso slot, masculine, sold by Nyan.)
Added: Fox-patterned scarf. (Neck slot, no femininity requirements, sold by Nyan.)

The spell 'Soothing Waters' now has an AP cost of 3.
Removed aura burn from performing melee attacks while under the effect of cloak of flames.
The special ability for the spell school of fire is no longer +2 fire damage on melee attacks. Instead, it unlocks mana burn, which allows you to cast fire spells at a cost of energy once your aura is depleted, at a cost of 1/4 the regular spell cost.
Removed damage multiplier based on level difference.
Removed a few final instances of the old resistance calculation being used.
Did some balancing of status effect and perk attribute bonuses (mainly reducig some resistance values here and there).
Block/Shielding values in combat can now go negative (and are thus displayed as greyed-out shield values in combat), so negative resistances actually mean something now.
All lust-damaging attacks now correctly apply 2xlust damage to energy and 1x lust damage to aura when the target's lust is at 100.

Added a four slave capacity upgrade to the rooms in Lilaya's home.
The double and quadruple capacity room upgrades now have a minor obedience drain associated with them (to represent slaves conspiring with one another against you).
The 'Double size bed' upgrade is now described as each slave getting their own double-size bed, instead of them sharing one in double capacity rooms.

Randomly generated NPCs have a 50% chance to spawn with a minor background perk unlocked (to boost their physique, corruption, or arcane). Your slaves/occupants might gain one of these perks when you load in (reloading won't change results).
Added 'autosave frequency' setting to the content options screen.
Added an outfit file for harpy nest attackers, as well as for clubbers in 'The Watering Hole', so their outfits will no longer be completely random.
Added 'unique sex partners', 'cum in womb', 'cum in ass', 'cum in stomach', and 'value as slave' tattoo counter types.
Added notifications to event log for: area transitions; items/clothing/weapons dropped, used, and bought/sold; clothing/weapons dyed/reforged; weapons equipped/unequipped; clothing equipped/unequipped; money/essences gained/lost; experience gained; level ups.
Added a 'RIGID_MATERIAL' item tag, so that modders can define clothing as being unsuitable to be groped through. This has been applied to chastity cages and chastity belts, which both now block groping sex actions.
The Western KKP can now be recoloured.
Added 'desaturated brown' as a clothing/weapon colour.
Added 'Dye all (stack)' and 'Dye all' actions to the clothing & weapon dye menu.
Jinxed clothing status effect now gives +10 corruption, instead of -5 aura.
Increased levels of: Rental mommy by 5; Meraxis by 5; Candi by 4; Brax by 4; Amber by 3;

Fixed typos/parsing errors.
Imported characters (either as a new player character or as slaves) now have both their unique quest items, and their concealed race status removed.
Fixed bug where sex would freeze/crash if you unrestricted your partner's control.
To fix an issue where NPCs would choose boring sex actions, NPCs' foreplay and main sex preferences are now recalculated when you unrestrict their control, as well as when you permit them to take positioning actions.
Fixed issues in debug transformation menu, where some body colours were displayed as slime colours, and other transformation options were limited as though it was the regular transformation menu.
Fixed lust gains for NPCs who were receiving anal penetration being affected by their preference for performing anal.
Possibly fixed the cause of not being able to use positioning actions when playing as a taur. (I was unable to replicate this bug, but fixed a potential cause for it.)
Fixed 'lustful suggestion' and 'calming suggestion' sex actions applying their effects to the wrong target.
Fixed issue where you could get stuck at 99 arousal in sex, and never be able to reach orgasm.
Tooltips for actions in sex should no longer display 'available' when that action is disabled.
Penis size preferences should now correctly be taken into account in all instances of penis generation.
Fixed weapon and clothing names resetting when equipped.
Added indication to imperial fluid measurements for when a value is close to, but not exactly, 0.
Fixed issue with unique NPCs dropping their clothes after sex if you cummed on them.
Fixed similar bug where NPCs would not replace their clothing properly after sex if you cummed on them.
Fixed issue where muggers could spawn in as ambiphilic, even if you had ambiphilic set to 0% chance in the options. (Prostitutes still spawn in as ambiphilic until I can add orientation-based dialogue variations.)
Characters' clits now get lubricated by girlcum at the same time as their vagina do.
Fixed missing ongoing text for tribbing tooltip.
The requirement of having the now-removed 'Brawler' trait in Fyrsia's imp fortress encounter has been replaced with the requirement of having the 'martial artist' trait.
Characters who spawn in the nightclub will no longer have unsuitable jobs assigned to them (such as 'slime queen', 'arcane elemental', or 'elder lilin').
Fixed issues with receiving handjobs not being available while being penetrated anally.
Characters can no longer start tribbing while fucking someone's ass.
Fixed some minor logical errors in dialogue when inviting your offspring to come and live with you.
NPCs will no longer remove their partner's 'sex toy' clothing during sex, unless that sex toy is blocking an area that they are focusing on. (e.g. They will no longer remove strapless dildos unless they want access to your vagina.)
Tattoos with custom names will no longer have the enchantment-related name endings appended to them.
Fixed clothing cleaning cum text referring to the clothing being inserted into the associated orifice, even if the clothing was not an insertable item.
Lilaya now smacks the vixen's virility pill out of your hand if you try to give her one.
NPCs will now only remove shoes if they have a positive desire towards the associated foot fetish (either giving or receiving), and if they are not sadists or masochists (respectively, as they don't care about pain from shoes if they are).
Fixed background error being thrown in slave/occupant rooms when trying to cycle through sex targets when there was only one character present.
Fixed issue with requests in sex not working.
Fixed broken formatting when viewing slave/companion perk tree.
Resetting NPCs' perk trees no longer makes them automatically assign perk points.
Fixed Ice Shard not applying a critical hit when the target was affected by Freezing Fog.
Fixed bug in combat where selecting moves would tick down and apply effects of combat status effects on NPCs, causing them to take damage during the move selection phase.
Removed ability to dye patterns onto trainer socks until I can get multiple pattern areas can work.
Fixed formatting of spells casted during combat, and added indication of when fire spells will cause mana burn.
Angels no longer suffer from menopause.
Fixed bugs that could cause reforged/dyed weapons and clothing to not stack properly with one another.
Fixed issue where you could gain some unrelated perks by reading demonic books in Lilaya's library and elsewhere.
Fixed random NPCs not having correct perk trees generated, or not using all of their perk points.
Fixed some unique NPCs having non-trait perks equipped in their trait bar.
Slaves set to idle will now correctly have sex with other idle slaves (if permissions are set correctly), provided that they can reach each other (house permissions, or in same room). Slaves assigned to the stocks are also now working as suitable sex targets when home.
Fixed issue with idling slaves not applying correct sex effects when having sex with one another (which was causing issues such as tattoo counters and sex counts not being incremented).
Fixed major bug where characters loaded in from old versions would disappear, throwing numerous errors in the background.