Name that dildo competition!

In my latest book, Kinky Friends with Benefits, Amy has a big dildo. She of course, as any rational lass, has given it a name. In my draft I've called it 'Wilbur' but I reckon you lot can come up with a better name.

Add them in comments here or message me on Tumblr @jameshardcourt with your suggestions, and whoever I pick gets the name featured in the book and if you're not already a book club member (who get it anyway) your own free copy!
Suggestions by Sunday please!

PS For Book Club members I'd been waiting on the final cover to upload it for you but my designer's still working on it, so I'm going to put up a version for you today without that and will update it on the links in that post with the final published version later. I can't wait for your feedback, this book is insanely hot (I think!).