Progress News

Hello again,

This is just a short post to let you all know how things are progressing and what my plans are for the next version.

This week I've been working on getting some bugs fixed and adding more of Nyan's content, and everything is progressing well on both of those fronts. However, there's been a lot of negative feedback regarding the focus on Nyan, and so I've decided to cut her planned content rework short. My plan is to now add her content up to and including the encounter with her mother, and I'll leave the addition of her marriage content until after I've added a significant amount of Fields content.

Speaking of which, I should have Nyan's reduced content finished by the end of this weekend, at which point I'll move on to adding Fields encounters and the Elis map. I'm also planning on adding the next stage of the main quest, which will take place in Elis itself. There are a few other minor additions and changes I also want to make for this next release, so while I'm aiming to have the public release out by the weekend of the 6th-7th February, it will most likely end up being pushed back a little due to how much I want to get done.

I'll make another progress news post on Tuesday, 2nd February, by which time I expect to be working on Fields encounters. I'll give you a more accurate date for version 0.4's release in that post as well.

Thank you all so much once again for your support, and I'll see you again soon!