Thought it was past time I give a recap of what's been done this week.

A couple of days ago I had reported that we had received some new submission scenes for Rey, and that I was hip deep in a couple of different scenes for Inheritance.

Since then, I've written two smallish scenes for Last Stand of Ra and been writing more pregnancy content for Inheritance.  Plus prepping the submissions so they're coded and ready to be dropped into the game when the time comes.

Honestly, the week has been a little slow for progress on my end, but we've gotten a good crop of submissions that is making up for it.  (Probably a little shy of 5k words of my own work, and around 7k in submissions) so overall it's turning out to be a decent week for progress.

I received the latest bundle of WIP art for Inheritance and Last Stand today (Four image sets for Inheritance, one image for Last Stand.)  and ended up asking for one small change to one of the images.  Otherwise everything looked good and I hope to be adding them to the game soon.

Tomorrow is going to be pretty crappy for work, I have some family stuff to attend that's going to cut into my time fairly significantly.  On the up side, it looks like I should have time on Saturday to make up for it.  You win some, you loose some.  

Have yourselves a wonderful evening!