Our Apartment Intro is 11K Words! And Other news!

Hey peeps, sorry for the momentary silence again. As I said earlier I'd be focusing on story stuff for the first bit of the year. One of the writers I've hired Dakota wrote this intro and then I spent a week or two making it fit my goals more closely. What started as 8k words ended at 11k! 
This is just the lead up to when Naomi first lives with you!
There's still some issues to consider as I've shown it to some people and gotten some feedback. So somethings may change a bit but overall the feel is good. It might be hard for some to determine some things until I actually implement all this.
I also put in this work so that I can hire more people to help and ensure my goals are met for the story even if I can't pay as much attention to the writing as I'd like. 
I will make this available in PDF form to $5 and up supporters shortly. 

From build numbers to version numbers

Should things go well, next build release will no longer be a build number but a version number! This is a very important milestone! 
So instead of B23 it will be v0.01 or something! I haven't decided the exact format but I have some milestone planning to do so I have a better Idea of what prompts certain version number changes for the future. Soon I can give more concrete dev plans as far as story chapters and other content. 
As for what this means to you, as I've state before "preview" has always meant the game is not in the format of the real game. With moving to version numbers that means the goal is to deliver the final gameplay loop. 
There is a possibility of issues, maybe it's not enjoyable to use or some other issue. Some stuff like how outfit unlocking works may be delayed for some time simply granting acess to all items. But we'll be on the road to getting there!

When's the next release?

I don't think there will be a build this month and for that I'm very sorry! I may do an update removing saving for the male avatar to fix an annoying glitch some people experience but thats all for now. 
At the moment my focus is delivering a functional build with the core of the daily system, meaning I'm caught up in dev technicalities. And it also means features I made before are due for some refactoring as the whole game is changing it's format. A few things to note:
  • The new environments called for additional lightmaps to be loaded when initial support was only for one
  • Still heavy asset management and optimization needed for the new environments and apartment scene. 
  • Kaitou has been working on a refactor of sex sim which should be good for Our Apartment and certain side projects I'm planning based on it. 
  • I kind of really want to try and finish Alex this month, follow on "sac.moe" or subscribestar for news on that! (Not linking to it for safety reasons)
  • I'm considering using a different lipsync asset due to a lack of updates and functionality issues with the current asset.
  • Initial builds may not include the intro but should include "daily dialogue" and some new Naomi animations.
I should be posting a lot of updates about daily system dev stuff soon, there should be a build in February though! Thank you for your patience!
I will also soon discuss what to expect as far as store content and future public release behavior. I have a TON of work to do next month!

Thanks for your support!

All this work is coming to a head, I hope to meet your expectations!