Hearthswarming Heat Release Date and PWS Writing Update

Hey everyone! We were hoping to get the project with PussPuss out this month, but the art load ended up being a bit more than anticipated. It's looking amazing, however, and will be very very lewd! Our current plan is to release the project on February 14th, or Valentines Day💕!

Pony Waifu Sim Writing Update

The writing for the next phase of Blue Fast's route is done, and writing is underway for the final two dates.

As a short summary:

Having returned from an adventure with Blue Fast. Anon and the energetic feather back take much needed rest and relaxation break. Getting hot and steamy, then deep and wet, the two enjoy their day away from prying eyes. A few musical surprises might lay ahead for them, but ends in a climactic visit home.

So, the general notes are: New date. 2 New minor characters. 2 New locations. New lewds. New items.

We still need to finish the art and posing for it, but the next (lewd) Blue Fast date should be coming up soon after we finish Hearthswarming Heat.