News and Bonus Art By MeltyVixen!
@meltyvixen on twitter

Hello everyone! I'm here to give you the news! We've been pretty quiet lately because we've been working like mad on the Snow Daze revamp! First, enjoy this bit of bonus art by Meltyvixen. She's one of the newest members of the art team and our current colorist. We're thrilled to have her onboard! If you want more, she's @meltyvixen on twitter. 

Now for the news!

We're currently working on the Snow Daze revamp! This is a process where we're working on reviewing and touching up all of the art of the game, sometimes completely redrawing art that didn't quite work. All of it is getting the amazing penciling work of Idlecum, inks of Carlis, and color of Meltyvixen. Snow Daze will finally have consistent art!

But that's not all. We're going to be changing the enslavement scenes from simple two-frame animation to actual animation, and we're hiring an actual animator to take care of it. More to come when we can show you some video of it!

We're also working on new character images used in-game which we call character puppets. The revamped puppets were made by Teslakoi, touched up by idlecum and new outfits designed by Meltyvixen. I'll be showing off the revamped costumes soon! You'll be surprised by how good they look.

Snow Daze will still be the same game when we're done, but revamped and improved dramatically visually. We'll also be adding on the bonus day, which is a fuller epilogue and lead in to Tropical Daze. The second we're done with it, we'll be moving onto Tropical Daze. 

Speaking of Tropical Daze, work is actually currently ongoing on the story! I am working with CalamitousIntent and Waifus and Syrup on writing tropical daze! CalamitousIntent was once a fan like you that has worked his way up helping on several games now, and Waifus and Jam makes Evebloom, another fine hypnofetish game! Currently, we are working on days 2-3 of the writing. Like Snow Daze, tropical daze will have five days and a bonus day sized epilogue. 

We're a true team now, working efficiently on on big tasks! Wish us good fortune and we'll be getting it out to you soon. 

Look forward to a lot of neat previews in the near future!