Version 0.3.13 Hotfix

Hello again!

I had more free time this evening than I expected, so I put together this small hotfix to address some of the issues reported in v0.3.12. The next update to be released after this will be v0.4, which I'll get to you as soon as I possibly can!

v0.3.13 Download Links
Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive
Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive
32-bit .exe (For 32-bit Windows):
Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive

Source Code
You can view the game's source code and build these releases yourself from the public github's dev branch (which is always kept up to date with the very latest version):
There's a build tutorial here:
(If you decide to build through github, you'll need to place the 'liliths-throne-public/res' folder in the same directory as your exported .jar!)

v0.3.13 Patch Notes

Dragon breath attack is now unlocked by the character's race being identified as 'dragon', not by having a dragon torso. (by DSG)
Fixed issue with the dragon subspecies 'Coatl' not being detected correctly. (by Stadler)
Fixed bug where feral characters would spawn with crotch-boobs, even if crotch-boob row count was defined as 0. (by Stadler)

Added parser hooks to penetration, orifice, and tongue modifiers (using prefixes 'PENETRATION_MODIFIER_', 'ORIFICE_MODIFIER_', and 'TONGUE_MODIFIER_' respectively).
Added support in racialBody xml files for setting 'breastCrotchType' to NONE for races you want to never spawn with crotch-boobs.

Characters no longer have their cum & girlcum automatically gain the 'musky' modifier when changing into a non-bipedal leg configuration. (Centaurs still have this modifier by default.)
Sharks and all dragon subspecies will no longer spawn with crotch-boobs.
Removed restrictive minimum and maximum limitations for insect wing size.
Ralph no longer sells Impish Brew (you can still buy it from Roxy).

Racial food items which have more than one torso type associated with them now have access to those torso types in the enchantment menu.
Fixed dragon's 'Breath weapon' special attack dealing 0 damage.
Fixed some minor issues with NPCs spawned as a dragon subspecies having the odd part assigned incorrectly.
Fixed bug where the penis slot would not accept any clothing if a character lacked a penis, causing strapons to be impossible to equip.