Last Stand of Ra Progress Report 5/6/19

Today was one of those days made of good intentions but sorely lacking in measurable results.

The plan for today was to jump into Last Stand of Ra and crank out a fairly large amount of content. Instead, I got one small scene done (Out of about 10 I wanted to do), write some code and wrote up a sort of transformation guide for players inside the game, and started to write the Sobek/Crocodile transformation. I'd have got more done, but I had some real life responsibilities that needed to be attended to instead.

What does this mean? Well, my original plan was to take care of some errands later in the week, since that was taken care of today, that actually means I'm likely to have extra time to work later in the week . In the long run, today may have made for a slow start, but it should be a wash by the end of the week, and more importantly I did some ground work today that should save a bit of time later on.

In related news, I received a sketch today for one of the pieces of art I commissioned for Last Stand this month, it's looking good and I'm excited to see it developed.