Hey guys!

We like big butts and we cannot lie :wink: As promised, here is the early access booty build for you to enjoy!

(Update 17-05-2019 : Now available to the public! )

(Update: Link has been updated to v0.91.72, you can see the changelog below.)

This build will go public after two weeks. Going forward, you can expect the builds to be released according to our Alpha = > Beta => Major release system to the appropriate tiers before going public.

We hope you enjoy this build and we cannot wait to hear what you guys think of her shiny new heinie!




Fixed lock up error when loading certain saved presets or QR codes.



  • Added screen refresh rate auto detection.
  • Added framerate options for unlimited and maximum supported refresh rates.
  • Updated credits



  • Added booty morphs and accompanying slider control!
  • Made bum jiggle more apparent! Automagically adjusts according to booty size and clothing equipped.
  • Updated project from Unity 5 to Unity 2018.3.14.
  • Added splash image to launcher configuration menu.
  • Disabled anti shimmer mode in CTAA.
  • Improved build size.


  • Fixed all known issues pertaining to Unity 2018.3.14 update.
  • Fixed shoulder blade / bra mesh interpenetration.
  • Fixed legging / crotch mesh interpenetration.
  • Snapshot save location text no longer blocks player input.
  • Leggings now use bum fix at all times.