Advent Denial Challenge - Day 3

Get the Hump

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's excursion into the land of ruined orgasms. The point of that was to get you equipped so you'd know what to do if you accidentally go over when you're edging in this challenge. As long as you ruin it you're still doing great, you haven't failed. It's hotter and more powerful if you manage to not go over much, or at all. But now you have a back up plan.

Today is something some of you will be very familiar with, possibly too familiar, and others won't have ever tried. You're going to try edging without using your hands, instead you're going to rub yourself on something, 'humping' as it's generally known.

Humping (aka grinding) is good for you. As a woman, if you don’t masturbate sometimes by humping then I'd suggest you’re missing out because it has all kinds of benefits.
Before I tell you more though, let’s address the fact that sometimes, humping can be bad for you. [If it is the ONLY way you get off then you can condition yourself to only be able to cum this way, and you need to mix it up more. This is suprisingly common as 
Also, if you’re a for those with cocks there’s risk of nerve damage to it if you practise too much ‘prone masturbation’ as it’s called. I found a website all about it so get educated (lots of charts, enjoy!)

Okay, but with those warnings in place, let’s get back to the good stuff.

Err, can you stop that for a minute and focus? Thank you.
Humping involves your whole body
The first reason to like humping is that normal masturbation can be pretty passive. It often involves you just lying back and using your fingers or a vibe or other toys.
This can encourage you to be lazy when it comes to sexual pleasure, and if that’s your preparation for sex, well it’s not a good preparation.

Good sex is active, very active. It involves lots of moving around and using your whole body. Humping is good practise for that. You can also practise looking sexy while you do it, try it in front of a mirror. Or not, as some of you would rather die in a pit of vipers. That's okay.

Humping gets you fit
As suggested above, humping is a solid physical activity. Do it for long and you’ll build up a sweat. Masturbating and exercising at the same time? BONUS!
It seriously works your core in a way that most gym exercises dream of. Fuck Pilates, hump!

Keep your phone in your pocket and you’ll even build up steps on Google Fit! Or you could enter it in manually ‘Wow you do do a lot of Zumba’ they’ll say.

Humping strengthens the muscles used for sex

More specifically than getting you fit, it’s the same muscles that you can use to grind on a cock or tribbing a pussy.

Or their face…

Humping gets you out of bed
Sure you can hump your pillows (best folded up between your legs) but suddenly your whole house, your whole world is filled with objects you wonder if you could get off on.

Well, at least half out of bed…

Looking at that headboard and post with in a different light now?
You can even go outdoors:

She was allowed to hump for five minutes every five miles she cycled. Naked.
Will you find yourself looking at everyday objects and wondering if you can hump it? Yep!
This is something akin to how us guys see the world. Show us any cock sized hole and almost all of us are wondering if we could fuck it (welcome to the male mind).

Humping is good for edging

It can often be harder to cum from humping so it makes a good way to keep near or on the edge but not go over as the pleasure is more indirect.

If you’re on ‘No Touch’ it can be a wonderful way to still be allowed to edge:

However it depends what kind of 'no touch' you are on. I tend to allowed limited humping on basic 'no touch' but 'Strict No Touch.' means you're not allowed to even do this.
If all this talk of not even being allowed to edge yourself is turning you on, you're in the right place. Stick with the challenge!

Humping Technique

It’s not much more complicated than looking at the pictures in this post really. But here are some more ideas.
This is the classic position, on your spread knees with a pillow in between, leaning forward on your arms.

You can add a bit more of a wiggle in like here, whatever feels good really!

Or you can have your arms behind.

Either way try and get that lithe forward and back grind where your tummy and hips are really working, seriously, this is SO good for your core (and feels amazing on a cock inside you, just, amazing).

Add a little twist to get those laterals involved too like in the mirror pictures above.

An alternative I like to make girls do, because it feels so much more desperate, is have one or both feet on the floor and hump the mattress:

Some like to do it more lying forward like this:

You can also try it lying on your side, which is great practise for spooning.

Some like it naked, some prefer a bit of clothing - the feeling can be quite different between the two, shorts, or some tight panties can help with the friction, and stop you getting too dried out.

Lucky Teddy.
Speed - try varying it, going slower as you get closer

One great thing about it is how it frees up your hands to play with your breasts and other bits:

...or show off and do that
Alternatively lean forward and rub them on the bed like this can feel amazing when you’re close to cumming:

You can even do it against your fingers for a kind of half hump that gets your body more involved.

If you ask nicely someone may even let you do it on their shoe:

Humping is only the start
Once you’ve mastered humping, you’re ready for the real party to begin.
You’re ready for a suction cup dildo

But that's for another day... (you might want to be buying one now if you don't have one though...) Here's a selection at Lovehoney
So there you go. I hope you find that useful.
Let me know in the feedback form how you got on today and what you humped, and how it worked for you.


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