End Of Month Update
Greetings all! Welcome to the end of month update!

Tiz the season to be jolly :)

November content
Releasing shirt TF soon
$5 tier - Shall be finishing up the overlord comic like- today/ tomorrow! Followed by a couple of bonus pages
$20 tier - November months zip file will be posted after the $5 reward comic is finished! If you cancelled your payments and just missed out by a few days on your membership then pop me a message :)

This months goals

Size Content
- $5 comic this month will be sized based as we haven't had one in a while. Shall be holding a public vote for it

- Free Haruhi from SOS brigade insertion comic

-Alt versions of a TF comic

- Free short butt crush comic with the non-futa demon girl OC.

Transformation Content

- Toilet TF comic

- Futa transformation comic

- Free continuation of Shirt TF comic

I also really wanna push myself for animation this month, been talking about it for a while- going to buckle down and get the tools for it :) The above is the minimum amount of content I plan to release, I might release a little more if I have room for it.