Update Version 0.06

100% Complete

Available to all supporters

Change-log Version 0.06b

•2 Casino mini-games

•39 Animations

•604 New images

•8,365 lines of dialogue

•66 general new game events, including....

•19 new phone progress events

•15 new unlock-able gallery events

•Spelling Grammar checked (Thanks lapdragon!)


Update Version 0.05b

Change-log Version 0.05b

•Bugfix for Mom's gallery on the MC's computer

•Various script fixes


Update Version 0.05a

Change-log Version 0.05a

•New Mini-game (accessed by phone)

•48 animations

•405 New images.

•2,945 lines of dialogue.

•36 new events

•Spelling and grammar checked. (Thank you lapdragon and jimmorrisonisalive1969!)


Version 0.04f-Xmas now available!

Change-log Version 0.04f_Xmas

•New Tutorial

•Stats now more easily accessed by pressing "P" in game.

•Completely re-checked and edited for spelling and grammar. (Thank you lapdragon!)

•38 New images. (All in the tutorial)

•86 lines of dialogue. (All in the tutorial)

•Various bug-fixes.


X-Mas Event Update

100% Complete (available to all subscribers)


Version 0.04e_Xmas

•191 new images.

•8 animations.

•2,382 lines of dialogue.

•4 different paths through the Xmas event.


I have decided to bring my game over to subscribestar, and hope that all of my fans will be willing to follow me over here.

About Me

Welcome to my Subscribestar page! I am WillTylor, beginning game developer and adult game enthusiast. I am currently working on my very first project, and having an awesome time! Right now I’m developing "A Family Venture" whenever I have a spare moment, but hope in the future to be able to dedicate more time to my new favorite hobby.

My Project

Currently I’m working on an adult visual novel/adult game that includes 3D rendered characters, maps that take you to different locations, an inventory and money system, and a story that can take you down several different paths exploring different options and kinks. Your choices will influence the characters of the games by developing their stats and triggering different events. This being my first project, I think it's only fair for it to be free for everyone to play. Patrons will have options to play it first, and even help me with testing and the direction of development. If you end up liking my game, your donation would be greatly appreciated. More money will result in more dedication of my time to the project.


Tony is a larger than life kind of guy. He has provided a comfortable living for himself and his family. He runs his household like he runs his business, with cold hearted efficiency. Tony owes part of his success to his relationship with the Mob, and once the FBI discovers that relationship, Tony ends up in Federal prison, leaving a substantial debt to the mob, that falls to the responsibility of our main character, Ryan. Ryan has to pick up the pieces and protect his household and loved ones from both the FBI and the Mafia. Can he make enough money to pay off Tony's mob debt? Can he protect the beautiful women he lives with from their unwanted physical and sexual advances? Can he keep the FBI from taking everything that Tony has built for them over the years? Their fate is in your hands….NOTICE: Myself, and my game do not condone sexual violence. At no point in the current builds of this game, or will there ever be in future builds any situations that suggest or promote that sexual violence is ok.


All of the digital characters depicted in the game are 18 years old or older. This is a work of fiction, any similarities to people dead or living are strictly coincidental. Please do not play this game if you are offended by sexually explicit content.

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PC / Linux