Hey everyone, Scion here!

Now that FlutterMare is publicly released, a lot of you have been asking about the next update for Pony Waifu Sim.

The writing is all done, and my tentative estimate for its completion (with lewds!) is around the end of January 2021. With Pony Waifu Sim, in particular, there has been a large demand for features such as localization that unfortunately aren't technically feasible with the way our content is designed.

Around 80% of the dialogue could be somewhat easily localized, but the remaining 20% would require a major technical refactor.

We have learned a lot since we started on Pony Waifu Sim, and unfortunately, not a lot of that is reflected in the state of the current project. Poorly defined initial requirements of the project led to production inefficiencies and hard to debug spaghetti code in some systems.

As such, there are two major goals we have for Pony Waifu Sim:

  1. We want to refactor the engine to take advantage of what we have learned. It will be easier to develop content in, it will support localization, and it will take advantage of YarnSpinner 2.0, a recent overhaul of the package we use to power most dialogue and posing in Pony Waifu Sim.

  2. Starting after our next release, and while we work on the refactor, we would like to completely finish the writing for Pony Waifu Sim before we finish the project. In retrospect, not finalizing all of the writing before starting production was a huge mistake. New writing had to conform to what already exists and going back to change things became neigh impossible. By finishing the writing first, we hope to put a stop to these issues now instead of having them continue to plague us for the rest of the development.

So, what changes will StudioWhy be making to help meet these goals as well as continue to provide you the content you want?

  1. Starting December 19, 2020, I will be dedicating my full-time to ensuring the success of StudioWhy and its projects. Since it's inception, we have been open about the fact that all of us have only been able to devote part of our time to StudioWhy. Some of us had day jobs, others have other projects. However, I have personally saved up enough from my day-jobs to be able to comfortably dedicate the entire year of 2021 to work full time on StudioWhy, and will be doing exactly that.

  2. We will release other, much smaller, projects in the meantime.

    We still want to be releasing something while I refactor the engine for Pony Waifu Sim. To do this, we will be collaborating with other fandom artists on much smaller interactive projects. Some of these projects will allow us to test the functionality of our refactored Pony Waifu Sim engine as well.

    Our recently announced collaboration with PussPuss is an example of one of these projects. This Christmas, we are hoping to release a short, cute, and lewd Hearths Heating-themed game with Ponka Pone and the Royal Crystal Couple.

  3. Starting in January, we will post monthly updates on the progress of the writing for Pony Waifu Sim until it is finished.

These are some big changes, and we would like to hear your feedback on them. So please don't be shy to let us know what you think.

Thank you all so much for your support!

- Scion