Jikage Rising v0.17d Public Release!

Heya guys! So, for this release, I added a couple of stuff, first of all, we have Tsunade's level 4 event as well as Kurenai's level 4 event, not too big, but it's mostly a prelude of sorts. And as always, there will be 2 scenes to follow it! Namely Tsunade's cowgirl scene and Kurenai's demonstration scene.
I've also added in a couple of very optional scenes for Ino in this release, in exchange for some favors, you can get a higher chance of getting rare stuff in the boxes in the stadium. I want to emphasize this again though, the scenes are completely optional, it's one of the "easier way with a price" or "normal way" choices, except this time it involves the stadium boxes. Either way you choose, you won't lose much, as shown by the 95% of players that managed to unlock all outfits without needing it haha.
Well, anyway, here's a tl/dr of the update.
Jikage Rising v0.17 changelog
-Added Tsunade level 4 event
-Added Kurenai level 4 event
-Added Tsunade cowgirl scene
-Added Kurenai demonstration scene
-Added a way to get rare items from stadium boxes easier
-Added optional pimping Ino kissing scene
-Added optional pimping Ino oral scene
Well, that's about it! As always, let me know if there are issues yeah!
Download links:

I'll have a quick survey up after you guys have played this for a couple of days! There's something I'm interested to know about this release.