Previews of "Pump1" and "Pump2" animations, other updates

The above animation is Pump2 (sorry i recorded in the wrong render mode) the below is Pump1. Other animation previews will come soon including an in-build preview! i'm just waiting on some programming to get done for a "scene selection" screen instead of that previous main menu, along with the menu for changing outfit and stuff.

As before these animations are incomplete and will be cleaned up more later but for now i'm moving on to the next animations so I can move on to making pretty stuff.


At the moment I've gotten soem voice acting for a Naomi lip sync demo i'm going to make, so look forward to that aswell! I'm not only doing lewd animations but some very nice character interaction animations too!

Besides that thanks to some contact with an asset developer i'll thankfully be able to improve the performance in future builds to possibly be able to keep real-time shadows in the web and android builds of Our Apartment. I'll be testing that once i get around to proper releases.

More updates soon!

Thanks for your support!