Dev Update #64

Scene 22 writing is done. It's 7600 words long, split into three different versions. It's... a bit longer than what I expected but I'm happy with it.

I'm now working on posing that scene. I think it will be a bit easier than for scene 21 because even if there's a lot of custom poses, there's also several shots that will be reused across all three versions. I don't expect to pose less than 50 shots though.

I couldn't get much work done today because I had to take a stroll to a nearby city in order to secure a new rig. The good news is that I should soon get my hands on a far better rendering station. It shouldn't really cut on the rendering time because I will probably try to up the quality instead. However, it should make working with Daz Studio globally faster.

The quick sum up :
  • Day 5 will contain 25 scenes.
  • Scenes up to Scene 22 are written.
  • Scenes up to Scene 21 are posed and rendered.
  • Scenes up to Scene 21 are coded.
  • Scenes up to Scene 8 are proofread.
  • 70 493 words. 9940 lines of script. 791 renders are done, 795 shots are posed.
  • I'm currently working on posing scene 22.

You can follow my progress with this Trello board!

Thank you very much for your support!
The Naughty Captain