Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my American friends who are celebrating Thanksgiving today, and to everybody else as well, I just wanted to express my thanks for playing, and hopefully enjoying my game.
I want to give an even bigger thank you to those who are currently, and who have supported the game in the past.  Thank you so much for making it worth my time to to continue to create AFV.  I absolutely love developing this game, and you all make it possible!  What started out as an experiment to see if I could develop a game, has turned into a fun community of fans who enjoy AFV and other adult games.  I really enjoy interacting with all of you!
Just a little update on 0.07's development.  I'm currently done with about 75-80% of the updates renders, and about 5% done with the script. For anyone who's wondering, rendering is by far the biggest bottle neck in game development. Once completed, I can get the scripting done pretty quickly, especially since I make a rough script as I render so that I  have an idea of how to make the images.  The renders are looking beautiful.  I'm definitely improving my Daz skills, and the animations I've made are the best, and longest I've ever done.  I'm so excited to get this one out there, but before you ask, no, I'm not going to guess a date at this point.  Maybe, once I get a little further along.
Thank you for all your help with development, besides the financial support I've also gotten tremendous help from D.S.-Sama, with coding and ideas, Lapdragon for grammar/spellchecking, and so many other users have taken the time to report bugs, report spelling/grammar mistakes, story inconsistencies, and shared some really great ideas.  When it's all said and done, AFV will be the product of so many in the adult gaming community.  Thank you all!!

Although discouraged from gathering together in a large groups, no one was willing to miss out on Camille's traditional tits on a platter. (Sorry for recycling last years image, I just didn't get time to make a new one this year.)