So hey guys, this is one of those updates where I have to talk about it a bit before we get to what's in it and uploading it. Don't immediately freak out at any particular phrase is all I'll say.
The second week of the month I took a short trip intended to help recharge my batteries, and while the success on that front was marginal, it did result in me sort of shifting my thought patterns. And when I got back I just started writing like crazy. The incremental that came after was probably the largest update for either of the Devious games that I've ever released, period, in terms of content and branches (at least since the original release, on the latter), because I wrote all the time. As I said in that incremental's post, I got up early to write, I stayed up late to write. I had trouble sleeping because I was thinking about what I wanted to write. The week after was the same, and this is now definitely the most text I've ever released at one time for this project. And looking back on the last two weeks I came to an inescapable conclusion:
I just got a bit burned out on writing primarily porn.
I've always enjoyed indulging all my wicked interests in these games, and that's not going to change... the weird and wild porn will return (probably fairly quickly, let's be honest), and lewdity will continue to be threaded through what I'm doing at the moment. But the past two weeks I remembered I'm not just a porn writer, I'm a writer, and sometimes I need to indulge in drama, plot, and action divorced from the general goal of getting Tab A into Slot B. I love Devious World and Devious Mundanity, but after years and years of thinking of what new perversion to work on tomorrow, the batteries that really needed a recharge were the ones that thirsted for characterization, emotions, and (mostly) nonsexual thrills.
So yeah, for the next little while, expect the updates to be primarily story-focused, and probably largely focused on what dominates this update, the general story path I've come to call Kai's Story - Epic of Remnant. Like the porn it's pretty self-indulgent... I'm reveling in my rediscovered passion for writing but also my rediscovered passion for RWBY, something I haven't felt in years but was once a source of comfort and excitement for me. Too I feel like I'm just getting some personal things out of my system... some feelings of sadness and even loss that I maybe haven't dealt with up until now.
Sooooo yeah. There's the deal. I know most of you signed up for the weird and wild porn, not for me to deal with my issues through fanfic, and if you don't feel like sticking around until I get back to that, I understand. No hard feelings, seriously. 
Oh, and one more thing for the RWBY fans out there. It might be obvious, but just to make this specific: the Remnant that Kai visits in this plotline is not the "main" Remnant in the show. It's an alternate version before she ever even shows up. And I'll admit some of the differences are probably from me misremembering things, but others are intentional (example: I deliberately called it the Argus Express instead of the Argus Limited just to highlight weird little differences that can occur dealing with the multiverse). Some things are also just an alteration of how RWBY's storytelling works because the showrunners are trying to move it along with limited time and limited episodes, while I can afford to drag them out and treat things like distances and time frames more realistically. Anyway, if something is different from the show itself, just shrug and say "Multiverse".
Anyway! Let's finally get to it, shall we?

Devious World

  • Main: Celeste can now sign up for the Special Service Program with Fully Automatic Food.
  • Main: Eric can go home for the fall break from magic school.
  • Main: Layla can find her power threatened by a new girl.

Devious Mundanity

  • Main: Leo-turned-Lina can now ask to be taken by Sokahn.
  • Main: After placating Sakai, Kai can now agree to having her slave chip bricked. (And thus begins the Epic of Remnant.)