POSE PACK : On my knees

Dropping here a 4 poses pack I made for ts4, of the loli/shota theme. 
This is me filling a need for story-friendly poses starring teens/young adults/adults and kid sims. There's a whole gap between the (great) sex animations and then the obviously platonic family pose packs I'm forced to use, and I was left wanting. So I picked up a couple of tutorials and started playing with blender, and this is the first result.

The 4 poses were made with and work best with an adult male (there's a bit of tolerance for muscles/fat before things start clipping badly), but I tested it in game with an adult female as well and it's not entirely outrageous. Depends on the boobs for the first 2 poses, really.
Also, the kiss of the last pose in particular is sensitive to your sims' faces. I tested it with 5 different couples and it was fine with 4; with the last pair they were barely touching lips despite the models in blender smashing faces.

(Below screenshots of the poses in game)