Inheritance Progress Report and Signs of life.

Just posting quickly to check in. I've reached the middle of our family trip and should be home by Sunday.

Today's my birthday, so, . . . . yay me? Seriously though, you'd think that one day a year the powers-that-be would let me wake up not hurting. :P

Now, on the work front (Because we all know that's why you're really here.) *Been working on some little mini-events, like that you see in the Karaoke and Stargazing content. Only this will be for the main part of the game and will be seeded into existing scenes. Got +30 small scenes written for use with Anna including menstruation *Have a short story for Claire I just need to add to the theater mode. *Received a repeatable scene for Claire that I just have to add to the game. *Have seven smallish scenes for Misaki that include her, and one or more other characters from the mansion that just have to be coded into the game. *Have a largish scene for Maki, Bubbles, and Mitsuko that is mostly coded. *In total we're sitting at around 8k words of new content that will be added to the game this week.

Considering how little time I've had to work this week, we're making a lot of progress, thanks largely to all the great people submitting scenes. A couple of our regular writers have hinted that they may have more content coming, but I probably won't get a lot of writing done the next couple of days since my current priority is to get everything we've accomplished so far actually into the game.