Progress News

Hello again,

This is just another small post to let you know how things are going.

I'm continuing to work on adding race modding support, and to this end, I've just finished all of the refactoring and expansion of the game's race code. This should now support all of the features I had originally planned for races/subspecies, and should not need to be worked on again in any significant manner all the way up to the game's completion. As part of this work, the different leg configurations (snake-tail, fish-tail, arachnid, and cephalapod) have been given full support, so races such as lamia, mermaids, arachnae, and octopus-morphs will be able to be added without any more work needing to be done.

Now that all of the expansion of the race code has been completed, I just need to add combat move modding and the race/subspecies xml framework so that races can be added via external files (which is what will allow modding). I'll get a preview version released for supporters here on SubscribeStar as soon as this is complete, and will then make a full public release soon after with some Fields content.

I'm really sorry once again for how long this is all taking, but it shouldn't be too much longer until it's completed now. Thank you all once again for your support!