Nudica Modules

What is a Nudica module?

Nudica modules are basically containers, each one holding a self contained system or game mechanic. We like to think of them as building blocks. The idea is that every module we create can eventually be plugged into other modules, and once combined will allow us to create the more elaborate games we have planned.

Each module should be playable on it’s own in some shape or form, so we will be giving patrons access to each one as they are developed!

Why are modules important?

By working modularly, we segment our game development into smaller, easier to digest pieces. This means more frequent updates and interactive content for you fine folk, as well as more freedom to explore new ideas and concepts for us.

This will be more sustainable in the long term, and will allow us to create new games faster by utilizing and tweaking previously made modules.

Module road map Here are a few of the modules we are working on.


This is our first module, and it will give us a number of advantages.

  • Allows us to generate unique characters for each game.
  • Gives us a library of clothing, accessories and hairstyles pull from.
  • Player character customization.
  • Procedural character generation.

The second module we’ll be working on. This will open the door to all kinds of lewd fun!

  • Gives us a library of sexual acts to pull from.
  • Universal input that can be driven by any number of different game mechanics.

Story telling mechanisms to use in upcoming projects.

  • Visual novel style dialogue and decision making.
  • Comic book style narratives.
  • Branching story lines.
  • Cinematic cut scenes.

We have a serious passion for VR. We want to design a module for easy translation to VR camera and control!

  • VR builds will feel like they were made with VR strengths in mind.
  • More intimate “hands-on” experiences.

And that’s only the beginning!

We have lots of ideas for additional modules, but we want to focus on the essentials first. As development progresses and with your input, we’ll get a better idea of where we need to focus.

Please do keep in mind that since Estelle is our first character, she is constantly evolving. Requirements may change for future iterations.

We can’t wait to explore all the possibilities with you!