New build!

Kingmaker 0.5!

New content
  • Added 1 sex scene. (You'll find it in the court events, and you'll need a bit of history knowledge and a lot of strength to unlock it.)
  • 40 New court events and reworked others
  • Added tutorial
  • Added difficulty levels
  • Added military tab
  • Added skirmishes so you can send your men into battle
  • Added reports tab to show secret character info and murder plots' power.
  • Added loans in case you need money
  • Added citadel tab for more infrastructures update
  • Added embezzling mission
  • Added loan mission
  • Added more laws
  • Added murder plots so you don't lose immediately.
  • Added peasant revolt battle if you lose their support.
  • Added different fonts for each of the foreign languages.
  • Changed the reforms tab to be more visual
  • Changed the colors of the bars at the stat screen to better reflect the skills they represent.
  • Added pubic hair as an option in the content menu.
  • Changed the singing skill name to poetry.

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