Heyhey all, welcome to this month's public release! Before I get into what's been added, I did wanna address one thing.
It's always hard to actually take content out, for whatever reason. But I also have to learn to admit when something's not working and needs to be altered, trimmed, or replaced. Danny, a character redlinked from the start, has been removed because I finally admitted to myself that other than basically one scene idea, I didn't have any good plans for what to do with him. He's never been worked on so that was easy. Removing Jace, the monster hunter, was a lot harder... it involves personal reasons I don't want to get into, but just say that it became very awkward to work on the character. Instead I've added two new Devious Mundanity characters, Nicholas and Simone, to fill the same niche. They've just been started now but I think they'll be a lot of fun eventually. 
Anyway, on to content updates! As usual, if you want to see if anything's been added since the last incremental, check the dev diary links.

Devious World

  • Main: Marei can now call the family doctor for fear that Ken has "fapluenza".
  • Main: No-bonus Eric can now alter the entire Ranma sim once he's outside the Tendo Dojo.
  • Main: Eric can meet Mai immediately after obtaining the hypnosis pocketwatch.
  • Main: Jamie can recruit Kevin and Maya to help him take down Sandra's mental Shell.
  • Main: Cyan can now agree to adopt Puck the cat. (Shockingly he is not just a cat. I bet what happens surprises you.)
  • Main: King Jamie can tell Mama Michi he needs a minute.
  • Main: After volunteering for her experiments, Eric can agree to become Dr. Life's assistant.
  • Main: Eric can now try to calm Big Momma during negotiations with Duke Emory.
  • Main: Futa-witch Cyan can now make her mother "apologize" when first returning home from Tandy's.
  • Main: Cyan can continue her infiltration of the sex party.
  • Main: The option for splitting up at the haunted house has been changed to allow Cyan to go alone or with different people.

Devious Mundanity

  • Main: Iris can now continue to taunt Majestra.
  • Main: "Phantom" can now alter the girls' minds after "claiming his reward". Alternatively, after not claiming his reward and instead telling them the truth, he can ask for their cooperation.
  • Main: Reth can now decline to tell Stacia about his past life as the Maou.
  • Main: Kai can now ask Aurora to ask her friends for help.
  • Main: Maxia can have the door in the instant cottage open into a playroom.
  • Main: New characters Nicholas and Simone are in, to fill the niche Jace had in Devious World.
  • Main: Konko can now approach Michiko as something with six cylinders.