063 - Episode 05. (Public Release).

(Just like last week I am mirroring my Patreon post here just in case.)

Hi, guys. It's me, you family-friendly neighbor and serial Monday poster - Akabur. Can you believe that I haven't missed a single Monday since I started doing this? Well you better believe it, because it's the truth! ^

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First things first. Episode 05 Ver. 5.02 is out. Download links should be on my twitter by now. Thank you for reporting all those typos over this past week. I am happy to say that all the typos that have been reported are NOT present in Ver. 5.02.

Few words. All in all I am pleased with how Ep.05 has been received. There were a few minor complaints in regards of the pacing and the over-all story and (as always) the insufficient number of sex scenes, but for the most part many of you seem to dig the story so far and that makes me happy. And also most of the complains (and concerns) that have been voiced here on my patreon page we're on point, and I agree with many things you have said, and even more than that: I plan to fix quite a few of them moving forward.

Overwatch. New event is coming. New skins, mostly boring, safe and uninspired crap I came to expect. Honestly I just can't be bothered anymore. This is my humble opinion of course.

SWTOR announced new huge expansion! That's awesome! But the thing that makes me happy the most is the fact that they are still working on the game. After ME:Andromeda and Anthem, SWTOR is like the only true BioWare game (with new content) left.

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Paladins announced some skins that made me re-download the game. I will never forgive Hi-Rez for what they did to the original game, but in this day and age what choice do I have when it comes to hero shooters with cute waifus? None. Freaking Battle Royals took over everything... So I plan to get back to playing Paladins (very casually), and I am not ashamed to admit it. I mean, juts look at these skins. Hi-Rez obviously took inspiration from League Of Legends' KDA, but I'm not complaining. I did try to get into LoL but it just never clicked with me. So usually I am just stuck with drooling over their cool cinematics knowing that that game is just not for me. But Paladn's gameplay (buggy as it is) is still there and is still solid, and I am looking forward to checking out these news skins. So there is that...

Episode 06. I have BIG plans for the next episodes both in regards of the story and the way I approach the development. Let me just tell you this now: next episode will be very short but it will resolve the whole "alien" story arc and will allow me to finally get to the meat of the game. My entire being screams against making next episode as short as I currently planning to make it, but if I listen to my inner voice and pack next episode with more story it will be the definition of insanity: it will be me doing the same thing for the umphteenth time and complaining about it afterwards. So I plan on leaving my comfort zone with episode 06. It will be super short and will be released very* soon*

That is it. If you don't mind I will just end this week's post here. Public release is today, so I need to update my twitter with new links, update my site and do some other things... There will be no PSDs or behind-the-scenes pics this time too. Maybe next time? :)

ANDROID release is next week.

The Gif. Also let me just share this wholesome gif with you. Thank you for your support. alt text