Current Rewards

Greetings! It's come to my attention that supporters are having a rough time finding the current release. I just realized I can pin a post to the top of my feed, so this is probably a good way to address the problem!

The current supporter release is: 10.0. You can find it here ($5+ supporters):

The Proteus Effect 10.0

A pack of high-resolution H-scene images is available to $10+ supporters (featuring 2448 x 1872 images, rather than the game's 816 x 624). It also contains a collection of all the bonus images I've posted here and at the other site. Note that these high-resolution images can't be used in the game itself, they're just there for your viewing enjoyment :)

The current picture pack release is: Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Picture Pack

Finally, if you're a $15+ supporter, you can add messages to either the Broken Augur's Orb or Letters from the Oracle. This is intended as a fun way for you to get a little of you into the game! You can find details about it here.

The current public release is: 0.9.8. You can find it here:

The Proteus Effect 0.9.8

Feel free to stop by our Discord server! Please let me know if you have any issues, and thank you for your support!