The Pre-Order Dilemma and Three-Line Whip updates

So Tease for Two seems to be going down well so far. First reviews are up on Amazon and really complementary.
I tried something new this time which was releasing it without a pre-order period. I'm still not sure what's better but I think I like a small pre-order just to have a few days to build up the hype about it and post things like first chapters.
It would be an easy decision apart from Amazon's bizarre policy, that is like no other online bookstore. Pre-orders do not count towards your ranking on the Bestseller lists at the time of the book going live. They only count on the day the pre-order is made (with a little bit of impact in the days after that.)
This is really odd. All the other stores count the total sales including preorders on the launch day, so one of the main reasons I wanted to try without it was to see how it affected things.
The trouble with NOT having a preorder set up is that I don't actually control when the book goes live, which is a bit odd. It's just whenever Amazon have reviewed it, made sure it follows their rules, and them put it through their publishing system. Something that takes from 12 hours to 72 - so yeah, pretty random.
Anyway, for Book Club members none of this really matters as you'll have got it before either of them!
Thank you again for your support. I've got 52 subscribers on here now (some of whome are free but it's a good way to just keep anonymously up with what I'm doing I guess. But the fact you paid supporters are willing to support what I'm doing means so much to me.
As you may have seen it means we've already met my first goal which was to fund the BookFunnel service which is what delivers books to you. I've been pretty impressed with how it does things at my end but I'd love to hear from you about your experience.
If anyone has downloaded the free copy of The One-Bar Prison then you've used the service too.

So, in more exciting news, I've got started on the next Natalie and Brandon book, Three Line Whip. This is a pun I'm quite pleased with, as it not only has 'whip' in the title but a 'three-line whip' is actually a UK parliamentary order that means the government's Member's of Parliament have to vote the way the government wants them to or risk being thrown out of the party. Basically, them exerting dominance!
As you have probably figured out, each of the Kink by the Numbers books is going to have some theming to it alongside the central edging and denial elements. This one is going to be corporal punishment, e.g. spanking, impact play, maybe a bit of slapping and degradation. 
I'm going to include ruined orgasms too.
But here's your chance to influence what goes in the book. What is it about impact play that excites you, what would you like to be included in the book?
Give me your ideas and suggestions and I'll see what I can do.