It's the Book Cover reveal! Tease for Two is coming soon!

And that also means I've finished the book. It's being edited now, and as soon as it's ready, I'll be posting it here for all my Book Club tier subscribers - you'll be the very first people to read it!

I'll say more about it when I post but I'm just so excited about this one. Natalie and Brandon have really taken on a life of their own. I've started to build their back stories, turn them into more than just erotica characters, and the book explores so many important concepts as well as keeps things crazy hot and kinky. I'm very excited about it.

For the observant, among you, you'll note the girl on the cover looks very different. And that's a deliberate decision. Because the idea with these books is that YOU identify with Natalie and Brandon, and in the books I purposefully describe them to the minimal extent, I've also taken the decision to mix up the figures on the cover. It'll change every time, and that's because everyone's different! I hope you like the idea.

If you want to know what Natalie or Brandon really look like... just look in your mirror!