26 Vortnights 19: Reading

Both Megan and I like to read, and often borrow each other's books. As a dullahan, Megan can't be permanently killed by anything other than gold, so she generally doesn't mind if I eat her from time to time - she'll just reform in a few hours, anyways. Combined, those two facts mean that situations such as this one have occurred on multiple occasions.

Out of character, a few things I'd like to say about Megan. First of all, she is my only character who ever ends up as prey, and even then, she only lets a few select people eat her. Also, regarding the first image in this piece, when she wants to pass as human or just keep her hands free, Megan can secure her head to her neck with a choker, ribbon, or other neckwear that is sufficiently broad and close-fitting.