Dev Update #55

Scene 16 posing is done and the whole scene is half rendered. It would be completely done if I hadn't made a mistake on every single shot. I've corrected it and rerendered the scene from scratch. Getting the light right and a decent rendering time has been a bit challenging. After a few 4 hours long render attempt I finally got an acceptable result.

Scene 17 is written. It's 2200 words long for now. I'm mostly satisfied but I'll probably still have to rewrite some part of it while posing the scene. I'll start this weekend.

After Scene 17, comes Scene 18. It will be a big scene with 3 versions to write, but after that, it'll be time to work on the naughtier scenes of V0.5. I can't wait to work on that part. Many good things to come (in my opinion of course) and several surprises.

The quick sum up :
  • Day 5 will contain 25 scenes.
  • Scenes up to Scene 17 are written.
  • Scenes up to Scene 16 are posed, some shots in scene 16 are yet to be rendered.
  • Scenes up to Scene 14 are coded.
  • Scenes up to Scene 6 are proofread.
  • 42 671 words. 5469 lines of script. 486 renders are done, 493 shots are posed.
  • I'm currently working on posing Scene 17.

You can follow my progress with this Trello board!

Thank you very much for your support!

The Naughty Captain