Version Release

Hello again!

I'm sorry about the lack of communication since the last update, and for the fact that I haven't managed to get more than these bugfixes done for this version. I've struggled a little over the past couple of weeks to get the promised content for v0.4 done (race modding and Fields content), but I'll do my best to get it finished off and released as an addition to this version as soon as possible (hopefully within the next week or so).

Thank you all so much for your support, and I'm sorry again for letting you down with this poor update. I'll set myself  a reminder this time to make a progress post next week so that I don't leave you all with no information again.

v0.3.9.9 Download Links
Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive
Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive
32-bit .exe (For 32-bit Windows):
Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive

v0.3.9.9 Patch Notes

Starting Claire's teleportation side-quest now requires you to have first completed the 'Slime Queen' side quest. (As I felt as though it was a little out of character for the Enforcers to let a stranger see the teleportation pads.)

(For Clothing Modding) If multiple stickers in one sticker category are set to be the default sticker, one of these default stickers is now chosen at random to be used for an item of clothing, instead of always the last defined default sticker.
Made the shoulder strap on the 'ragged chest wrap' a sticker option.
'Impish Brew' now grants +25 corruption to potion effects, instead of +50.
Added ability to enchant clothing with vagina and penis addition and removal effects.

You can no longer 'Encourage creampie' or 'Encourage pullout' when spectating in a 'hidden' position (such as when you watch your slaves having sex in the alleyway or hallway encounters).
You can now use level drain on orgasming characters while in a spectator slot.
Added interactions in the 'Sitting' position between the 'Sitting in lap' slot and the 'Between legs' slot.
Added interactions in the 'Over Desk' position between the 'Lying back' slot and the 'Bent over' slot.
Added kissing and groping interactions between dominant and submissive standing characters in the 'Standing' sex position.

The output of all parsing commands embedded within speech should now be correctly modified by any speech-altering effects (such as a slovenly character pronouncing 'her' as ''er').
Transformative potions which turn a character's lower body into a taur now correctly transform all of the body parts which are affected (all parts below the waist) into their default animal counterpart states.
Added transformation actions to alleyway prostitutes' post-combat victory scene.
Added pregnancy reactions to Murk's greeting dialogue while in Epona's tile.
Standardised sorting of all racial transformation options by their race name.
Half-demons no longer use the same outfit generation as dark alleyway demons, and dark alleyway demons now have a 5% chance to spawn with demon daggers instead of 50%.
The 'Enforcer HQ' tile is no longer considered to be dangerous during an arcane storm.
Increased the chance of the street encounter in which Wes's quest starts from 10% to 50%.

Typo and parsing fixes.
Fixed issues with sex scenes at Epona's stall in the Gambling Den being treated as public sex.
Fixed bug where the Rat Warrens content would break if rat-morph Subspecies preferences were set to 'human'.
Fixed bug where accessing the positioning menu in the prologue sex scene would reset all of the previous sex dialogue.
Fixed issue with there being two 'miss' parsing commands.
New slaves will now correctly start with all default job settings and permissions selected.
Fixed harpy attacker NPC descriptions not changing when you become friends with them or enslave them.
Fixed issue with the 'slovenly' character speech modification sometimes breaking parsing commands.
Fixed Murk's and Lyssieth's special dirty talk text not being parsed as speech.
Choosing to dominantly fuck Murk in Epona's tile (after completing Axel's quest) should now start with both of you in the intended positions.
Fixed bug where slave interaction scenes in alleyways or Lilaya's corridor would sometimes throw background errors and not initialise correctly.
The Spa tile is now correctly immune to arcane storm effects.
Fixed issue with enslavement of friendly NPCs describing them as though they'd just been defeated in combat.
Exiting Lyssieth's palace now correctly places you in the cavern tile instead of the palace gate tile.
Fixed existing Patrol Enforcers in Dominion wearing 'contractor' stab-proof vests instead of Enforcer ones.
If foot, anal, lactation, or non-con settings are turned off, NPCs will no longer have the related fetishes or fetish desires.
If non-con is disabled, the related fetishes are now correctly hidden from the fetish list and fetish altering potion effects.
Fixed NPCs being described as being in the 'holding cell' in their contacts page tooltip.
Fixed issue where attributes derived from clothing could sometimes be duplicated or persist after the clothing's removal.
Fixed issue where equipping transformative clothing onto demons or half-demons would sometimes spam the event log with messages.
Dominant partners in the Watering Hole will no longer spawn with the 'submissive' fetish, and likewise Submissive partners will no longer spawn with the 'dominant' fetish.
Fixed background errors being thrown if you decided to spam-click the 'New Game' action.
Added a 'no preference' option to Scarlett's sex scene (where you act as her servant in Helena's nest), so that if you have no areas available for her to fuck, you no longer get stuck in that scene.
Added actions to exit Helena's apartment at the entrance tile (for if you somehow manage to get stuck in there).
Elementals now have the correct arcane storm status effect applied to them.
Fixed bug where you could swap position with Murk's milkers during sex with them.