More and more I keep feeling like months are both really long and really short. I'm not sure if it's the amount of writing I'm managing to get done some days, or if it's a 2020 thing.
I don't mean this to sound braggy, but looking at the amount of stuff I got done this month and comparing it to updates when I first started putting this game out, or even when I first started the patreon, it's pretty wild the difference there is. Learning the habits I need to keep for better focus has really helped and when I look at any one of the weekly updates it's still kind of amazing to think that it could easily dwarf one of the monthly ones from a few years ago.
Anyway! Enough of that jazz. Let's get to the actual update lists:

Devious World

  • Main: Eric's choices for asking Santa for a family have been revised and some opened up.
  • Main: Eric can now stay at magic school over the break.
  • Main: Jamie can now look at the high-tech gizmos or vehicles on Nile.
  • Main: Holly can be snippy to the cat and witch trick-or-treaters.
  • Main: Eric can agree to be a breeder for Big Momma's orc tribe.
  • Main: While fucking Darian during the threesome, Buddy can tell the other party to play with herself or suck Darian's nipples.
  • Main: Jamie can now offer no comment to Sandy asking if he's a virgin, or answer Lil either way. In a nearby dimension, he can also find that Will left a pair of panties out as a gift.
  • Main: Cypher can now bet his sex at Equivalent Exchange. She can also continue playing after being turned into a gynoid.
  • Main: Mike can go to the arcade on the last night of the week after befriending the animatronics.

Devious Mundanity

  • Main: Female!Leo can now decide to wait out the week in either fashion, hoping to change back at the end.
  • Main: Caliburn can now take another one of the calls while he's on watch duty.

Admittedly, while there are a lot of bullet points on Devious World I'll admit a few of them are just setup. Meanwhile while there's only two for Devious Mundanity, both of them have quite a bit of content under the hood. (I hope those of you who were eager for more Morgan/Caliburn content don't have a "be careful what you wish for" reaction. Heh. Heh. Heh.) But I think this is a nice, meaty update, probably a bit heavy on the story but still nicely seasoned with lewds of various kinds and intensities.