A small status update

because I know some people get scared when I'm not posting anything once in a while^^
So I said it a few times already, I'm trying to finish the update this month, but I'm adding a bit more to day 9 as I had planned so it might not work out :( Day 9 was already finished and I was working on day 10 which is the last day for this update, but I got some nice ideas that I think are worth adding to day 9.
I'm thinking about cutting a bit content of day 10 (that I will add in the next update instead) to be able to make it this month, but I've not decided yet since that would impact the date with Hanna which I promised for this update.
As for the screenshot, it's from day9, one of the additional scenes I'm currently working on. I'm sure you can make out who and where it is ;)
Have a good day :)