BT: The Manor BUILD 0.16.1 (BUG-FIXED) - PUBLIC Release!!!

Here is the link . (Please read the change-log that's in the game folder).


This version fixes Vera's dialogue and makes it possible to access her "stables" scenes. This is same version as previous Hitman release

IMPORTANT INFO: I know you guys are waiting for Martha Bath Variations scene, and that still in the works, just wanted to tell you I'm also going to add Martha Pantry event (when she is getting the spices near the kitchen) And when that ready I will post that build 0.16.2 as PUBLIC right away, so bear with me...

Some Notes (Copy/pasted from original release): Remember that most of the scenes for this build a total re-builds of some existing scenes in the game. (But don't worry, you''ll get a lot of new stuff and different stages to enjoy. Hell everything is new, even the art, animations, dialogues... which means that even if you already played those scenes in previous build, this still will be like playing it for a first time... because you actually are.

Now, keep in mind that, given theses scenes are a fundamental part of the early game, I recommend use a pre-state/virgin save-file...or a new one all together.... at least so you can enjoy all the juicy bits of the reworks. If you don't want to use a new save, don't worry, you can still play with your current one... though some of those scenes may seems off at first given you don't know what actually happen in the early stages.

As always, let me know if you found bugs, and if possible post them in the discord server (it is easier for me to find read them that way)