Plan for v0.4

Hello again,
I just wanted to make this small post to let you know what my plans are for the next few weeks ahead. As mentioned in my previous post, the next release will be the preview version of v0.3.9.5 (for subscribers here on SubscribeStar), and then after that I'll move on to getting things ready for the public release of v0.4.
I took a few days off after releasing v0.3.9.1 to get some rest, so due to that, these next releases will be out a few days later than I'd originally planned.

Plan for v0.3.9.5
- Fix all bugs reported in v0.3.9.1
- Finish off last few placeholders for the Rat Warrens
- Add (small amount of) Shadow/Silence content
- Add some last few (very small) pieces of content that I had planned
- Add item modding
- Add one last character (which has been planned for a while)
I'm hoping to have all of this done by the 24th or 25th of August.

Plan for v0.4
- Fix bugs
- Add race modding
- Add Fields encounters
- Add next stage of the main quest
I'm planning on getting this done within the two weeks after v0.3.9.5's release, so it will likely be released in the first week of September or so.

Thank you all so much once again for all of your support! I'll make another post during this next week to let you know how things are progressing, so I'll see you again then!