A Wall of Text Appears!

So for the last few days I've been compiling decisions and ramifications so that I can finally put together a proper walkthrough for the game. It's a lot more work than I thought it would be, honestly! For some reason it's so easy for me to keep all the options in my head but putting them down in an easy-to-understand format is a real bit of work!

But one of the great side-effects that I've discovered from starting this is that I'm finding certain consequences and parts of the story are clear in my mind but not clear when down on paper. This is because I have information in my brain that I have not imparted to all of you. In some instances, that's fine -- gotta keep the mystery -- but in other places all it does is makes things confusing or misleading. So now, with this endeavor, I'm able to find places I need to make clarifications. This is most notably true with character interactions (and especially with Kayden and Roopah). Things I know that you should know (or at least be given hints about) are probably not coming across correctly. But now I see exactly where I need to work on these things.

Anyboobers, to get back on topic: I am working to develop a comprehensive walkthrough for the game up to the current release. It’s taking time and I was going to hold off saying anything about it until I was farther along but I want to make a better effort in being more transparent as to where all these hours are going.

Now, all that said, I am of course still grinding out the next update. We gotta get off this boat. We gotta get to Freebooty Bay! But first we gotta get through dinner... and dessert (i.e. Sparkle). But just who (all) gets an after-supper sweet treat? That depends on your choices, of course!