Hi all!

About me :

Gaweb Studio is actually a 36 years old married french guy trying to create fun H games and trying to live out of it to feed his small family. I've been working on H games for more than 4 years now and I've achieved quite a lot thanks to this community. I usually lurk on H game forums under the nickname Daedolon or you can message me here or on my Discord if needed. For Glassix, I'm being helped by CarpeNoctem who works on the extra girls and special events.
I'm also looking for a 3D artist to create animations and outfits for Lust Complex and my future games. Depending on the support, I'll be able to afford this kind of service more often.

About my games

My games are either free or behind a paywall. Their status are either completed, ongoing or planned. 
Why the paywall games? The usual reasons: more money, more exposure, greed, not relying only on crowdfunding platforms... You have access to my paywall games for as low as 1$ so it shouldn't be that much of a hurdle on your finances ;) The point was to not make them totally free so I can sell them in their completed version on new platforms for more exposure and more money. I hope you can forgive this little greed of mine :)
Here is the list of my current available games and the ones I plan to work on. Patrons votes will decide the order of my future games release order.

Community focused tools

Besides those games, my additional aim with this campaign is to create community tools for my future games so that any player with ideas and motivation can easily add content. This has been an objective after working on Glassix and getting lots of feedback from players who had really interesting ideas for new girls but which I could not work on due to 2D limitations and time. With 3D, it'll be much easier to implement. Those two tools are the "World generators" and the "Story teller" tools. More about them on their own post.

About my campaign:

My campaign is set for monthly payment. You can expect a monthly release for at least 1 ongoing game and sometimes more, usually at the end of the month. The upfront payment is enabled on my campaign, which means you'll have to pay directly when you pledge and you'll have access directly to all the content without delay. If you pledge at the end of the month, you might want to cancel your pledge once processed to avoid being charged again when the new month begins.

About my goals:

With the announcement of my future games and community tools, I've updated my goals. The first is to get more money so I can hire a 3D animator or modeler to release new professional sex animations or sexy outfits faster. The second one is to use part of the money as a community reward for creators who'll be using my future tools to create content for my games. 

About the rewards:

If you pledged a minimum of 10$ spanned over several months of an ongoing game, you'll receive its complete version once it's completed even if you're not a patron anymore.

25$ patrons can request a scene of their own in Glassix. At the beginning of each month, 25$ patrons simply needs to contact us to draft the general idea of what they want and we'll implement them in the following version. This means this reward has a 1 month delay to get the result.
Again, all of this is possible thanks to my patrons so I won't say it enough :
Thank you all for your patience and support !