A small update about BM

I'm working on day 9, planned is end of day 8, day 9 and most of day 10. Day 8 is finished and I'd say about 2/3 or 3/4 of day 9 is finished. Day 10 won't have that much content, so it should be done faster than day 9.

The last week has been horribly hot and humid and I don't have an AC so I stopped doing renders during the day, because my flat is like a sauna even without the pc running. That of course slows everything down and it doesn't look much better over the next few days, but I try my best to get things done anyway. 
I just hope it cools off soon >_>

Next update will have some nice scenes ranging from wholesome over sexy to naughty, it will also give some clues about MC's past and introduce a (not so) new character ;)

Anyway, have a nice day and stay safe (and send some icecream)