The Repurposing Center (public) 0.4.06(a) 

Hey everyone, and welcome to a new public build. This current build is currently at 1,159,944 words, and 1746 passages, so over 20k new words since the last update (though there has also been the removal of a couple of old scenes which are now redundant too). This was a tough build to write, with a bit of writers block knocking me back on it more than a couple of times. I wanted to make the Alice interactions in the new Experimentation Lab location be more unique and interesting, however, with how many there were (and have to write each scene twice for normal Alice and 'real' Alice) it became difficult to achieve. Still, lots of great new things added to the game still, along with the special game anniversary scene and items!

On another big announcement, I'd like to formally announce two big special occasions!

  • Third Year Anniversary of The Repurposing Center (technically last month but still) - Indeed, a cause for much celebrating is that we've finally hit the 3rd year anniversary date for the project. So much has changed, even looking back just a year. This last year has slowed down a little at times, but I'm glad for how much the game has grown, with so many new characters and areas of content now open to the players!
  • SubscribeStar Creator Account is Now Active- After over a year of intending to set up a SubscribeStar account as a backup to this Patreon one I've finally pushed myself to do it. You can find it at -> There's still a little left to do, but we're official and verified over there, so even if you're already a patron it might still be cool to give it a look over just for fun ;)  

Thank you all for sticking with this project for so long, and I look forward to creating content for you all for much longer ^_^

The main content is; The Brand New Interactive Travel Menu, The Medical Plaza Location, Alice's Experimentation Lab Location, The Anniversary Seasonal Event Encounter.

1/ Brand New Travel Menu - There's not a huge amount to say here, but the old interactive map menu has been replaced with a new one also done by our talented Silverjile. An update was needed due to the inclusion of the brand new Medical Plaza floor to the facility's sandbox locations, so we decided to revisit the travel menu too!

2/ Medical Plaza Location - As mentioned above a new Medical Plaza sandbox location has been added to the game accessible through the sandbox travel interactive menu. This new Medical Plaza location holds the Clinic location, the new Alice's Experimentation Lab location, and is planned to hold the Pregnancy content and Piercing/Tattoo content locations when they are added to the game. So far there are two new minor random encounters players can experience here too, along with additionally the Anniversary special event encounter.

3/ Alice's Experimentation Lab - This is a huge new location for players to visit and has three separate transaction screens; experiments the player can participate in, experimental countermeasures to undo negative effects on the player, and experimental bio-mods the player can purchase to give them bonuses. All interactions in this location have two completely different versions, one for players who've completed the Alice quest (either ending), and one for players who have not. Most of the prices for countermeasures and bio-mods are very expensive as they're intended to be major purchases. Meanwhile, players can make a lot of money signing up for participation in a few experiments.

In terms of experiments players can now access the; forced lactation, sex addiction, cum addiction, incontinence chip, and alternative bimbo content, all through this location. They can also as noted above undo these effects here, though the cost is much higher than the reward for signing up. Finally, the bio-mods currently available are; an energy booster (an extra sandbox action), a weight regulator (+/- 3 weight a day towards average weight), a muscle regulator (+/- 3 weight a day towards average muscle build).

4/ Anniversary Encounter - Again, not something too huge, but I thought it was special enough to get its own section here. This one time encounter can only be experienced during July, and gives the players two special new seasonal items; the Anniversary Silver Sequin Dress, and the Anniversary Deely Boppers (I wanted to offer something that masculine players might also like). The event is referred to as 'Founders Day', and refers to the creation of the game ^_^

Other additions include; Access finally properly added to two Dairy job encounters (really sorry about the trouble on this one), fixes to the Chess Man chess game content, a big fix for players on Watersports content who wear diapers, the old Incontinence Chip interactions with Dr Radcliff have been removed, lots of new variables and planning, a new logo for the Experimentation Lab location, new apparel images for the anniversary items, and lots of minor edits and fixes. 
n terms of monthly polls; the winner of the art poll to add in a new fetish was Destiny (the Flirty Touch shopworker) in her described sleep sex encounters, the winner of the ABDL themed art poll was Daisy + Katie both nude yet in diapers (I kind of cheated by including this option - but you do all get two pieces instead of one  -_^). Finally, the winner of the big year 3 anniversary poll was a tie between the Jess Quest and the Submissive/Slave Trainer. Due to my early planning on the Jess Quest I'll be doing that first, but I'll also begin planning for the Submissive/Slave Trainer. New polls for the month will be added over the next couple of days. In other news I'm also working on setting up a website for the game (along with planning out a Wiki for the games information).

Change Log:

- New interactive travel menu added replacing the old one.
- Medical Plaza Location - Players can now travel to the Medical Plaza through the sandbox travel menu, there are two new random encounters here, along with the Clinic location and the new Alice's Experimentation Lab location.
- Medical Plaza Scientist's Encounter - 5% of the time players can overhear a conversation between two facility scientists.
- Medical Plaza Shopping Girls Encounter - 5% of the time players can overhear a conversation between two late teens girls who are on a shopping trip.
- Anniversary Event Encounter - Players playing in July can visit the Medical Plaza to encounter the one-time seasonal event. Find out more about 'Founders Day' and get yourself two new special pieces of apparel ^_^
- Alice's Experimentation Lab Location - This new location allows for players to; buy new special expensive bio-mods to help them, be paid to participate in negative experiments, and pay to remove negative special traits from themselves. This location has a completely different set of interactions for players who have finished Alice's quest (either outcome).
- Alice's Experimental Participation Interface - Players can select to participate in numerous experiments (gated by their selected fetishes). Currently available experiments are; sex addiction induction experiment, cum addiction induction experiment (cum fetish required), bimbo hypnosis experiment (requires bimbo hypnosis fetish), forced lactation experiment (requires lactation fetish), incontinence chip installation (requires watersports fetish). 
- Alice's Experimental Countermeasures Interface - Players can select to undo various negative traits for a steep cost. Things that can be undone are all listed in the participation list above, and usually cost in the region of 10k G.G.P. 
- Alice's Bio-Mod Purchase Interface - Players can purchase positive experimental procedures for a large cost through this interfaces. Currently available options are; Energy Booster, Weight Regulator, Muscle Regulator.
- Weight Regulator Bio-Mod - Costs 5k G.G.P and gives +/- 3 points of weight each day upon waking up to the player in aid of progressing their weight towards the average score of 50.
- Muscle Regulator Bio-Mod - Costs 5k G.G.P and gives +/- 3 points of muscle each day upon waking up to the player in aid of progressing their muscle build towards the average score of 50. 
- Energy Booster Bio-Mod - Costs 10k G.G.P and gives the player an extra maxiumum sandbox action.
- Update to 'orange' hair code (Thank you Charles Hinkle)
- Collar Kit shop item bug fixed (Thank you rusal703)
- Spelling edits to Kristen content (Thank you Lira)
- Access to two previously inaccessible Dairy job encounters (Thank you Piotr Bohdziewicz)
- Gym grammar fixes (Thank you MagPie)
- Hannah tea party encounter grammar fixes (Thank you MagPie)
- Dragon Mom Adventure typo fix (Thank you MaruMoo)
- Diaper Watersports interaction fix (Thank you ol1995 and rusal703)
- Chess Man hair colour transformation bug fixed (Thank you Pooploser64)
- Chess Man breast size transformation bug fixed (Thank you Pooploser64)
- Bug fix for the new Anniversary clothing items (Thank you Charles Hinkle)
- Removal of Clinic link from Shopping Plaza page (Thank you Charles Hinkle) 
- New Anniversary Silver Sequin Dress outfit and a Anniversary Deely Bopper hair accessory have both been added to the game.
- 2 new clothing/accessory images by Silverjile
- 1 new location logo image
- Removal of redundant Dr Radcliff Incontinence Chip interactions
- Lots of new variables
- A few minor bug fixes.  

Hope you have fun :)