Version 0.3.9 Release


Once again, I'm so sorry for how long it's taken me to release this version. I got tied up with adding some new content for the Rat Warrens, and then with the spa content and Elemental rework, and everything just seemed to keep on going wrong throughout the whole thing.

Unfortunately, at the last minute I've found a couple more issues which really need to be addressed in the Rat Warrens content, so I've left the ability to start that quest disabled for now (and you should not continue with the quest if you've already started it on your save). The Elemental rework and spa content should be working, however, so at least there are a couple of new things to see in this version.

Finally, I haven't managed to address all of the reported bugs in v0.3.8.9, so there is a high likelihood that this version will be a little buggy. I'll do my best to get a hotfix out as soon as possible (hopefully by the end of the weekend).

Sorry again for how much of a disaster this version has been. It seems as though whenever I work on the Rat Warrens, everything goes wrong...

P.S. Thank you all so much for your support! I'll do my very best to make the next few versions much better than this one.

v0.3.9 Download Links
Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive
Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive
32-bit .exe (For 32-bit Windows):
Pre-zipped: Mega
Full folder: Google Drive

v0.3.9 Patch Notes
Added five new fluid flavourings: coffee; tea; cinnamon; lemon; maple. (by 'Charisma is my Dump Stat')
Added five new fluid flavourings: grape; melon; coconut; blueberry; orange. (by 'DSG')
Improved the icon for 'lacy panties'. (by DSG)
Fixed some typos in the taser attack description. (by DSG)

Added parser hook ('itemGen') for access to ItemGeneration class, enabling clothing, weapons, and items to be generated as effects via the parser.
Converted PlaceUgrades from enum to abstract classes.

Added 'spa' as a new room upgrade in Lilaya's mansion.

Elementals are no longer summoned as companions. Instead, when summoned, they have their name and status effects appended to the bottom of their sumoner's character info.
Elementals now have an active and passive form. They assume their passive form when out of combat/sex.
You can initiate dialogue with your elemental via an action in your phone screen, or by clicking on their name at the bottom of their sumoner's character info.
Fully added several interaction options with your elemental in their interaction screen.

The 'martial artist' perk now doubles base unarmed damage instead of tripling it. It additionally grants +25% critical power.
'Potion effects' are now limited to a maximum value of 25 per attribute. The 'Chef' background doubles this limit to 50.

Added 'Breast pumps', 'Cock pump', and 'Pussy pump' clothing items. These are not available to buy anywhere, and are instead automatically equipped onto slaves who are being milked.
Changed essence icons to be automatically generated from subspecies data.
'Angels Tears' have been replaced by 'Bread Roll' as the human transformative food item.
'Angels Tears' is now a non-racial consumable which lowers lust when drunk.

Characters can now grope the breasts of someone locked in the milking stocks while fucking them from behind.
All characters now produce girlcum as an ingestable fluid when orgasming, but characters who are squirters produce 5 times as much.
When having sex with milker slaves in a milking room, for as long as you leave the milking pumps attached to the milker's breasts/cock/pussy, their produced fluids during sex will be added to the room's storage.
Added an 'attach pumps' sex action in milking stall sex for attaching all possible pumps to a milker.
Added 'humping' sex slot for the stocks and milking stall sex positions.
Improved orifice stretching effects when using the 'quick sex' action.

Slaves will now only be milked of their milk, cum, and girlcum if they are able to automatically equip their milking pumps. This requires access to nipple, penis, and vagina inventory slots (and the stomach slot for udders, if applicable).
Added a setting for the 'milking' slave job, which is off by default, to allow hymen tearing (which can be caused by the dildo-like 'pussy pump').
Slightly increased the impact that girth values have on a penetrative body part's diameter. (Values were increased from +/-15%, +/-30%, +/-60% to +/-20%, +/-40%, +/-80%).
Slightly adjusted values for orifice capacity categories to make the 'gaping' values more in line with the others.
Added maximum health and maximum aura to the attribute overview tooltip (when hovering over a character's name).
Added the option to refuse to act as a test subject in Arthur's hypno-watch side-quest.
Added action to hug Lilaya in her lab.
Removed Lilaya's garden icons and made tiles green instead. Changed icon for Candi's reception desk.
Increased hourly fatigue for the slave job 'lab assistant' from 1 to 1.5.
You now gain a beneficial 'recently showered' status effect whenever taking a shower, which is a slightly weaker version of teh 'recently bathed' status effect.
Changed the 'milking' slave job permissions from 'forbid X-fluid' to 'Collect X-fluid'. Permissions hould have been converted automatically to this new format, but it may be worth checking your milk slaves' job permissions to be sure.
Snow-leopard-morphs now spawn with 'very-fluffy' tails instead of 'narrow'.

Parsing fixes.
Fixed a high femininity sometimes being described as 'very masculine'.
Fixed issue where slaves were producing a lot less girlcum per hour while being milked than intended.
Fixed issue with unarmed damage tooltip overflowing out of the tooltip box.
Fixed incorrect formatting of percentage attribute values in clothing, weapon, tattoo, and item tooltips, as well as in the enchantment screen.
Fixed bug where penises and vaginas were always appending their race name in front of their randomly-parsed names (e.g. 'cow-pussy') instead of it only being added 25% of the time as intended.
When giving Jules a blowjob to gain entry to the night club, any clothing which is covering your mouth is now correctly displaced at the start of the sex scene.
Fixed some incorrect US-English conversions (when using the silly-mode 'American tourist' background).
Fixed issue where health/aura would sometimes incorrectly drop when a status effect expired.
Fixed issue where you could discard clothing in sex scenes which shouldn't have allowed it (such as when locked into stocks).
Fixed issue with player thought parsing not working correctly.
Fixed incorrect value being displayed as the maximum comfortable penetration diameter of orifices in the selfie screen.
Fixed selfie describing your age as starting as 18, even though the 'starting at 18' mechanic doesn't apply to the player.
Fixed issue where equip text that included conditional statements was being parsed during game initialisation or loading, which was throwing background errors.
Fixed issue where characters could still get pregnant/impregnate others even if they had the 'barren' or 'firing blanks' perks, or the 'menopause' status effect.
Fixed issue where half-demon centaurs would spawn in without having any demonic parts, which was causing several issues stemming from their resulting incorrect race recognition.
Fixed issue with slimes and elementals being describes as being 'covered in' slime, stone, flames, etc. instead of being 'made out of' the material.
Fixed issue where you could only save your save when your location's default dialogue was being displayed. (You can now save whenever your character is free to move.)
Fixed bug where the spawn rate of taurs in Submission was being influenced by the half-demon spawn rate setting instead of the taur spawn rate setting.
The 'furry preference' for tauric subspecies is no longer overridden by your global taur furriness settings.
Elementals now spawn with no speech-modifying personality traits.
Fixed issue with unique NPC slaves removing sex toys after they've been equipped during sex.
NPCs now correctly replace their dirtied clothing after sex instead of leaving it lying on the floor.