Dev Update #49

Scene 11 is posed and fully rendered.

Scene 12 is written and posed. It's a very short one. More of a transition between two more important parts than a true scene. As a consequence, it was pretty easy and fast to write, and also to pose. It has yet to be rendered.

Scene 13 is written. I'll start working on the posing this weekend. This one is pretty important and for now, I'm happy with what I wrote.

I've also started writing scene 14 which will be a huge scene with several very different versions (Some of these versions may contain some .. hot stuff...)

I'll write and pose scene 14 before going back to coding.

The quick sum up :
  • Day 5 will contain 25 scenes.
  • Scenes up to Scene 13 are written, A part of scene 14 is also written.
  • Scenes up to Scene 11 are posed and rendered. 
  • Scene 12 is posed, 6 shots have yet to be rendered.
  • Scenes up to Scene 10 are coded.
  • Scenes up to Scene 3 are proofread.
  • 30468 words. 3735 lines of script. 315 renders are done, 321 shots are posed.
  • I'm currently working on posing Scene 13.

You can also follow my progress with this Trello board.

Thank you for your support!

The Naughty Captain