Small Delay

Once again, I've ended up not quite managing to get everything ready for a release in time, so I'm going to have to delay v0.3.9 by a couple more days. I'm now aiming to have it ready by the night of Saturday, 25th.

The main reason for this delay is that it took me a little longer than expected to get the Rat Warrens finished off, and so I've run out of time in which to get things polished and tested. I could have potentially released this version tonight and then made a hotfix for it, but I'm worried that there will be some major bugs in the parts of the Rat Warrens content which I haven't been able to test yet. Instead of subjecting you to this buggy content, I thought it would be best if I gave myself a few more days in which to make sure that it's all working as intended.

I'm sorry about this delay, and for the short notice of it. I'll definitely be able to get this all ready by Saturday, so there really shouldn't be any further delay to v0.3.9's release.